See Sales Opportunity

Today, our Grandmaster Hanzo was at the Mamak stall below the office and he sends the team a message asking…

” Anyone wants anything from the Mamak stall?, I’ll mark up the price 20% and deliver it to you”

Although it sounds funny, here are some things that all salespeople can learn

  1. There was an opportunity. There was a need where his team could have the convenience of food or drinks being delivered to their desks
  2. Personalized service. Customers will feel good if you personally handle their portfolio personally whether you are a sales executive, manager, director, or even owner.
  3.  Get more profit. When you do something outstanding, excellent service, or having a good product, customers are willing to pay for it.

The main thing to learn is how to look for opportunities. But even so, prospects are most likely to give objections saying it’s too expensive. How do you handle it? Would you discount the 20% delivery charges from the example above just to get that sale?

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