Effective Solutions for Today’s Pharmaceutical Sales Challenges

Effective Solutions for Today's Pharmaceutical Sales Challenges

The pharmaceutical sales industry is really important in healthcare. It helps connect drug companies with doctors and other healthcare providers to make sure patients get the medicines they need. Essentially, sales teams in this industry link new medicines with the doctors who prescribe them. But right now, the pharma industry is facing lots of challenges… Continue reading Effective Solutions for Today’s Pharmaceutical Sales Challenges

Vivid Vission

vivid vision

Discover the Power of Vivid Vision with Sales Ninja At Sales Ninja, Asia’s top sales training organization, we’re all about effective strategies that deliver real results. That’s why we’re passionate about the Vivid Vision concept, a transformative goal-setting approach that turns dreams into reality. This unique strategy, made popular by Cameron Herold’s book “Double Double,”… Continue reading Vivid Vission

Customer Retention

Customer Retention refers to the activities and actions companies take to reduce the number of customer defections. The goal is to help companies retain as many customers as possible, often through customer loyalty and brand loyalty initiatives. Let’s delve deeper into this topic: 1. Why is customer retention important? Customer retention is critical to any… Continue reading Customer Retention

Microsoft’s $100 Million (Bing) War Against Google!

The battle has begun… Microsoft is launching their new search engine called Bing. It is said they have allocated $100 Million as an advertising budget to shout to the market and persuade people to switch from Google to Bing, not forgetting yahoo to Bing as well. Will they succeed? I’ve done many pieces of training salespeople how to steal their competitor’s customers. Some… Continue reading Microsoft’s $100 Million (Bing) War Against Google!