French Retail Brand That Remains Unknown!

Been to Pavilion lately? Did you see a store called Celio? Do you know anything about this brand? I got to know about Celio when I was in Bangkok shopping. I’ve asked a few friends that are not followers of fashion whether they have heard of the brand called Celio and they said no. I was very… Continue reading French Retail Brand That Remains Unknown!

Finish What You Start!

Does this sound familiar? Your parent: finish up the food. You: but I don’t like it. Your parent: I don’t care, finish it or else… You: *eats the food*. If you are like me, we may have heard of this when we were a kid at least a dozen times. I think it serves a… Continue reading Finish What You Start!

Make Up When You Screw Up!

I checked into Grand Mercure Singapore. Was served with a great smile. After getting my keys I went up to my room. When I opened my door, I’m in total SHOCK… There were 3 bags on top of the bed. I thought to myself, this room occupant obviously hasn’t checked out. So I went down… Continue reading Make Up When You Screw Up!

Lesson For Money Solicitators!

I was having breakfast in one of my favorite Nyonya fried noodle restaurants when a young guy approached me with a polite gesture. I have never seen him before and so I just waited for him to make the first move. The normal reactions of most people would be waving their hands signaling No! No!… Continue reading Lesson For Money Solicitators!

Constant Contacts with Clients!

Nothing is worst than acquiring a customer and then abandoning them. Do keep in touch with your clients frequently via e-mail, newsletters, invitations, yearly gatherings, special events, clients-only events, office drop by, SMS, or even a simple call. Unconventionally, HANZO NG Sales Ninja Grandmaster © 2009 Sales Ninja Training. All Rights Reserved. Hanzo Ng is… Continue reading Constant Contacts with Clients!