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Make Up When You Screw Up!

I checked into Grand Mercure Singapore. Was served with a great smile. After getting my keys I went up to my room. When I opened my door, I’m in total SHOCK…

There were 3 bags on top of the bed. I thought to myself, this room occupant obviously hasn’t checked out. So I went down and told the reception, she apologized and prepared another room for me. While solving the problem quickly is great, but I find it’s always better to give something extra at the moment of screw-ups. The best time to make an impression is really when things don’t go well.

Here are some things I think the hotel should DO:

> Apologize, nothing special here. I expect it anyway.

> Upgrade my room, wow, that’s something special. Make sure you do it when I didn’t ask for me, that’s how you can WOW me.

> If there aren’t any upgrades available, why not go personal? Get someone to knock on my door and see how i’m doing, that’s something special.

> Call up my room to check on my new room. Another personal touch, i will truly appreciate this small gesture.

> Write a note and slip it through the door. Let’s say I went out and came back and find a note on the floor, apologize on the behalf of the hotel, I would be honored.

Note, there is no cost, except some time cost on the above actions. And they are all small gestures that will make the customer feel treasured. So, makeup when you screw up. It’s the small things that make us stand out from the rest. You can talk about quality, price, and service. Service is really tested when you screw up. That’s how you will build trust and trust is the basis for all business relationships. Time for us to live the service culture.

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