Baskin Robbins Staff Sold Me Something I Did Not Want

Baskin Robbins Staff Sold Me Something I Did Not Want - Sales Ninja Blog

I was in Ampang Point Shopping Mall and as I was on the way out to my car, I spotted Baskin Robbins. In my mind, the first thing that came in was to get my 2 favorite flavors. World Class Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake. They are to be the best Ice-cream flavors in Baskin Robbins.

So, I walked into the shop and asked the salesperson for the World Class Chocolate

” Sorry sir, we are out of World Class Chocolate”
“What about Strawberry Cheesecake?”
“Sorry sir, we are out of stock for that flavor too”

I stood there disappointed and was ready to leave when suddenly…

“Sir, you should sample the Caramel Praline. It’s really good!”

I was not interested because, in my mind, I only wanted these 2 flavors. But since the sample was FREE, I don’t see any harm in trying

It was good!

Then I asked her, so what other flavor is good? She told me to try chocolate flavored one ( I can’t remember the name of that flavor, but it has chocolate bits in it)

It was not too bad either!

Then I saw another chocolate-flavored ice- cream and I said I wanted to sample it. She immediately gave me the sample and I realized that… it was not as good as the other 2 flavors that she recommended.

So, I said I wanted the 2 favors that she recommended and I paid for them.

How did The Baskin Robbins Staff Sell Me Something I Did Not Want?

Baskin Robbins Staff Sold Me Something I Did Not Want - 1 - Sales Ninja Blog

First, these were the objections that they received from me

-They did not have stock for the 2 flavors that I want
-I was not interested in other flavors

The second was the way she handled the situation

-She talked to me nicely and was friendly
-She acknowledged that the flavors I wanted is in high demand and they have limited stock for them
-She prevented me from walking out and offered me 2 other flavors
-She knew her products well and offered me the right flavors
-She did not object when I wanted to try another flavor
-She was friendly and willing to help

Because she persisted and knew her products well, she managed to sell me something that I was not looking for initially. As a salesperson, this is important as you need to know how to build rapport, handle objections, provide solutions, and know-how to close a sale.

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