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Welcoming Video Conferencing Into Your Organisation

Selling Remotely Is Made Even Easier Now with Great Video Conferencing Tools

I honestly believe that in these uncertain economic conditions, brought about by the spread of COVID-19, sales teams everywhere must evaluate their positioning and re-strategise properly in order to continue achieving success. In the past weeks, I’ve personally seen that sales teams that continue to achieve success in these trying times are the ones who understood that if they fail to keep up with technology, the competition will gladly take away their market share!

And I am sure that no-one needs any more reminding that among the many areas of technological advancements that will benefit sales these days, video conferencing is one of the most important. But then, if you are one who is still surprised by this fact, then take a moment to consider that video conferencing is not just for hosting business meetings because one is reluctant to go for face-to-face meets.

Honestly, video conferencing is the most powerful tool for reaching out to a wider customer base and also for companies to better engage with current customers. So here, I’d like to present to you some important ways video conferencing can help you reach more prospects & close more deals!

Everyone knows that building trust and effectively demonstrating your product are crucial to closing deals. But how do you convince your prospects to become customers if they cannot see the product or easily understand the benefits of the service? Are they supposed to just take your word for it? No way lah, right?

So, a live video demo can be much more valuable than the mere words of a stranger on the other end of the phone, or worse, a stream of emails.

Nowadays, clients are searching for that elusive ‘wow’ factor; that special, personalized, hands-on buying experience. In many cases, the old way of selling does not work anymore. Video conferencing allows you to show your customers your product and explain your services effectively in real-time.

But then, if your product doesn’t allow for demos or if you are offering a service instead, then you can also share slides, photos, testimonials, and “how-to” videos during the video call. Remember, it’s all about creating an immersive and interactive experience that feels like an in-person conversation!

Time and time again, many sales reps will tell me that it can be rather hard to gauge how a prospect on a call is reacting to their pitch. They don’t always know if their meaning and tone are coming across correctly and effectively. So, what can you do to resolve this?

All I can say is, worry no more now that we have the wonderful face-to-face benefits of video conferencing! Facial expressions and body language convey a lot more than what the person is actually saying most of the time. With the face-to-face advantage of video conferencing, you can effectively gauge your prospect’s responses and adjust your presentation accordingly.

Video also helps you build stronger relationships as your leads will be able to see your face and form an impression of you. As long as you are able to project a good image, you’ll build trust and confidence more quickly. Remember, a sustainable sales strategy is centered on building and maintaining strong, professional relationships!

We also shouldn’t forget that in this fast-paced world, people have very short attention spans. So, with the use of video conferencing, one can create engaging and content-rich sales presentations relatively easily. This way, you can more effortlessly grab and hold your prospect’s attention, leading to faster sales cycles with higher closing rates…

But best of all, you can also always count on the support of your team members pretty much all the time! This is because, with video conferencing, your team members are always available. Often, your prospects will require additional perspectives on the product/service. In some cases, they’ll want to ask questions that you, the sales rep, may not or should not answer. For instance, they may have technical questions or ask for a legal opinion…

No worries, you can always include the pertinent personnel from your team in a very effective group video conference… problem solved!

But best of all, video conferencing enables more frequent meetings that enable sales professionals to uncover opportunities for greater collaboration much more quickly. Several organisations, just like mine, use video meetings to connect with clients on a regular basis, thereby strengthening partnerships.

In turn, this will build a stronger culture within the sales team as reps display a greater attitude to work with increased enthusiasm. And as you can imagine, this helps to drive more sales and improves the positive image of the organization. So, in the end, with video conferencing, everybody wins!

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