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Visited the hotel to check on the room earlier. When leaving, they gave us some gifts… Followed by the bill. Well executed I have to say.
11:25 AM Oct 22nd via Duo for iPhone

Survivor lesson: quitting is an easy out. You know what you signed up for. Can’t take the rain? Come on: suck it up!
10:53 PM Oct 21st via Duo for iPhone

The deal did this morning! Entire banks’ sales force will go through sales ninja warrior 2d1n training. Let the possibilities begin…
10:58 PM Oct 20th via Duo for iPhone

Was asked ‘why am I so motivated?’ Ans: motivation = motive for action. Do you want motivation? Find a strong reason, a why, a motive.
3:18 PM Oct 17th via Duo for iPhone

Told some sales mgr at recent sales management training: “don’t promote your good salespeople; sometimes they end up bad sales managers.”
11:23 PM Oct 14th via Duo for iPhone

Mgr said to me “I don’t know if I can get the right candidate.” I said, “if you have a can-ness mindset; you’ll find the right candidates.”
7:51 PM Oct 12th via Duo for iPhone

Doing Shogun, Sales Management training Oct 12-13 at Grand Dorsett Subang. Secrets of building a team of sales ninjas and growing sales.
5:07 PM Oct 11th via Duo for iPhone

During the training day, was asked how I remember all my content. Ans: practice. Mastery is doing the same thing repeatedly consistently.
1:19 PM Oct 11th via Duo for iPhone

Was a great motivation session my day? Pushed and challenged them to achieve more. Looking forward to aligning the project team as well.
1:13 PM Oct 11th via Duo for iPhone

Just finished 5 days of consecutive training. Currently preparing for a motivation training tomorrow. Need more energy drink. 🙂
4:07 PM Oct 9th via Duo for iPhone

Doing sales ninja master from Oct 6-8 at Grand Dorsett Subang. Tmr will train them to ask questions and selling benefits.
11:11 PM Oct 6th via Duo for iPhone

Coachee rewarded her niece for passing her grades with a mountain bike. ATN: everyone! Please stop rewarding mediocre results!
5:58 PM Oct 5th via Duo for iPhone

15 sales and motivation training days marathon awaits in Oct. Starts Oct 1. Hajime!!!
12:26 AM Oct 1st via Duo for iPhone

Prospect asked me “how come you charge so high?” I replied, “why don’t you ask others why they charge so low”. Another winning deal for me.
10:14 PM Sep 28th via Duo for iPhone

On d way back training some retailers. Saw a lady walking 2 of her dogs. Both of them 1 2 go their own way. Leaders must align their people.
9:03 PM Sep 26th via Duo for iPhone

Lesson from survivor: “fatigue makes us coward. It makes you want to quit.” Sales require lots of energy, so persist and you shall succeed!
1:21 PM Sep 25th via Duo for iPhone

My wife is reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. Lots of examples of how irrational humans are. Isn’t that what makes us human vs animals?
12:57 AM Sep 21st via Twitter for iPhone

Speaking at youth entrepreneur summit 2010 tomorrow.
1:28 AM Aug 7th via Twitter for iPhone

Upsell strategy of an Italian restaurant >
8:55 PM Jun 14th via LinkedIn

Preparing to Sales Ninja-size 1300 Prudential agents tomorrow at Sunway convention. Love big crowds!
8:11 PM Jun 11th via Twitter for iPhone



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