Meet Up For A Drink?

I bumped into a not too close friend a few days back at a restaurant. He gave me a call today and it went something like this.

Me: Hi Gary, what’s up?
Gary: Oh, just wanted to call up and see if you have time to meet up for a drink?
Me: A little tough.
Gary: Why?
Me: Coz I have lots of training piling up.
Gary: It’s ok, call me when you have the time. Bye.

I have to say, meeting up with friends is the last thing I have on my list of to-do things. Firstly, I’m really very busy. Secondly, that call has no purpose, I don’t know why I need to meet up for a drink. Thirdly, there was no rapport building in the call. If you see this as a sales call to potential prospects, you see why most salespeople don’t get appointments. They go “well the reason I’m calling today Mr prospect is to meet up with you to introduce our company.” If you need to introduce your company, all you need to do is send the buyer your website link. A lot of cold calls go wrong because of this. Do some preparation before the call and make sure it is a buyer-focused call.

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