Martial Arts & Selling – Master Your Master’s Mastery

Master Your Master’s Mastery

No martial artist can fight well without a Sensei, a teacher, an instructor.
No sports superstar can excel without a coach.
No salesperson will be successful without a Master.

Every top performer I know has a Master or have Masters in their lives.
Who are your Masters?

My friend Raymond Chan, is one of the top unit trust agency managers in Malaysia. He built his unit trust business without cold calling. While he is tremendously successful with his unconventional methods, he may not be the best Master to teach you cold calling. Raymond is the absolute Master in networking and referrals.

Every Master has their own unique skills. Follow them and Master their skill. When I was in my early twenties, I was a salesperson selling timeshares. New to the arena of selling I know I had to learn from the Masters in that field. So I went and talked and asked for help. Don’t be surprised how people are willing to help when you ask. My direct manager Dang is good with cold calling, I mastered that from him. The sales manager of another team Donovan is the master of storytelling and rapport, I mastered that from him. My senior sales manager Wong is the master of structure and process of sales flow that will lead the buyer to where you want to lead them, I mastered that with him. Ben is the master of using facts to convince, I mastered that from him. Michelle is the master of humor, I mastered that from her.  Ivan is the master of powerful body language, I mastered that from him. Joe, the sales director is the master of persuasion, I mastered that from him. Jenny, the senior sales director is the master of tough and strong mindsets, I mastered that from her. With the combination of all their unique skills, do you know what that makes me? >> The top performer!

I have since Mastered other skillsets and mindsets from Masters all around the world. I have dozens if not hundreds of Masters in their area of expertise. Al Ries and Jack Trout, author of legendary Positioning, taught me how to position Sales Ninja as an unconventional sales training, that made Sales Ninja Asia’s #1 Unconventional Sales Training. Jay Abraham taught me the 3 fundamental ways of increasing any business in the world – increase the number of customers, increase transaction size and increase the frequency of purchase. The rest taught me other valuable business lessons.

Who are you,r masters?
What have you mastered from them?
Who can you be a Master for?
Find a Master and do whatever it takes to Master your Master’s Mastery.

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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