How You Can PERSEVERE Through Dark Times

How You Can PERSEVERE Through Dark Times

On the 23rd of June 2018, a terrible fate took place that garnered the attention and prayers of every soul living in the modern world: a football team of 13 people were trapped in a cave in Northern Thailand. It was Nine Days later that they were approached by a single diver and told them the most relieving news they can hear: “We have come to save you. We are the first but there are many more coming.”

Although now, an international joint rescue mission is underway, you must wonder what was going on through the boys’ minds. Because it is not full grown adult men (there is only one and that is the assistant coach) that are trapped four kilometers inside narrow caves but young boys between 11 and 16 years old.

Mind Over Matter

They were not warriors who were chasing sales or a dream but little boys who only wanted to do one thing: survive. Despite the cold, the thin air, the blinding darkness and the rising waters; they wanted to survive and live to see the sunlight and their families again.

It was a simple wish but one they were determined to achieve. Without knowing the time, low on food and water and losing morale; the team waited for 9 whole days before being told that they had been stuck for NINE WHOLE DAYS!

In sales, you face similar challenges even in bright lit offices. You want sales but so many things are stopping you: customer objections, financing, doubts, personal troubles, management troubles, etc… Most of the troubles you face are either in your mind or out of your control but most of it can still be manageable.

Triumph With Perseverance

After 16 days, the “Wild Boars” Football team have all been successfully rescued! 16 days in the dark, cold, malnourished and weak; the team have all been pulled out one by one with the assistance of dozens of pro divers from across the globe.

The team’s assistant coach, Ekapol Chanthawong, was a monastery monk and many have credited him to be the pillar of faith and patience for his young football team. Without him, the team would have been lost to despair and probably drowned trying. The perfect example of a calm yet determined leader: just what every sales team needs especially when the going gets very rough.

But what has this got to do with sales? EVERYTHING!

If a team of young teenagers can persevere through harrowing and life-threatening times, how can you as a sales person, not be able to face similar challenges in a “safer” environment?

The WHY To Survive

The entire process of sales is like this rescue story itself. Hard and dark times are those days you do not get any leads or inquiries, the wait for the rescuers is exactly like how you desperately wait for that pending sale to come in and the rising muddy waters are all the doubts and challenges stopping you to achieving your goal.

In our Sales Ninja Warrior Public Program, you will learn a taste of what that determination is like:

  • WHY you should keep holding on when chasing sale
  • NEVER surrender even when all hope seems lost
  • The DETERMINATION to succeed even when the forces of nature is against you
  • HOW to not give in to all the doubts in your head
  • HOW to face challenges especially in Tough Times

Although sales cannot be compared to the harsh reality of how unpredictable Mother Nature can be, but the harsh reality is that sales is a brutal business to venture in and only the strong and determined can succeed!

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