Missed An Opportunity… 3 Seconds Ago

In the world of sales, we often miss our greatest opportunities in a window of a split second. But in most cases, and I emphasize heavily on this, we miss them in under 3 seconds. Why 3? Because in each second, we realize what we just lost due to the simplest reasons.

The 1st Second

We ignore the opportunities bypassing us because we think, “this one can’t give me sales”. Every time we pick up the phone to call, in the very 1st second we have a quiet thought in the back of our heads that this client has no potential or capable of giving me sales but let’s just try our luck.

This type of mindset, in combination with any sales approach or pitch is doomed to fail. You are already setting yourself an expectation to lose.

The 2nd Second

A client has shown interest in your service and product but because the client asked for the cheapest one or the fast-selling product, in a split second, you chose to think, “this client cannot be upsold because he already wants the cheap one.”

You must NEVER believe that a client who is interested in your smallest or cheapest product cannot be upsold. It takes practice and the right mindset especially a positive one to be able to upsell to a client.

The 3rd Second

You are THIS close to closing the sale. The client’s signature is just one YES away but alas, he wants to customize and a heavily discounted price! In a split second, you immediately think, “I am going to lose this sale because I cannot drop my price any further especially with a customized set.”

Again, this CANNOT be the way for you to even think. You CAN close the sale but it will need convincing and a little realignment of words in order for it to work.

Selling in Tough Times

Small moments like these are what causes you to lose the sale. A few seconds is all that it takes for you to lose your sale and give up. The worst part is that you have a high chance of repeating yourself over and over.

But it does NOT have to be this way. Sales Ninja has proven many, many times that anyone can sell and they can sell RIGHT! It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of sales or if you have experience doing it, what matters is if you are doing it the right way and following the times.

In our In-house Programs, Sales Ninja can train you:

 HOW to sell in tough times

HOW to approach new and old customers

HOW to write and send emails to pull attention

HOW to stay motivated when you face rejection

HOW to defend your price when customers are negotiating to drop

HOW to sell value over price

HOW to sell products against bigger and popular competitors

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