Sales Solutions Introduction

We have helped thousands of organizations across Asia to improve on their sales performances.

We do it through:

  • Small group trainings.
  • Small group workshops.
  • Keynote speeches.
  • Sales kick off meetings.
  • Annual sales conferences and conventions.

  • Weekly sales meetings.
  • Small group sales coaching.
  • One on one sales coaching.
  • Tele-coaching.
  • Consulting.

Take a look at our Sales Solutions by clicking on the Solutions below:

Sales Training

If you would like to:

  • Generate better leads.
  • Get more appointments with prospects.
  • Improve cold calling skills.
  • Develop networking skills.
  • Build great rapport with prospects.

  • Shorten sales cycle.
  • Ask better questions.
  • Create and strengthen the need of the buyer.
  • Give hypnotic sales presentations.

  • Tackle, handle and resolve tough objections.
  • Negotiate better deals.
  • Close more sales.
  • Follow-up and service more effectively.

Then Sales Training is what you need. If you have more than 10 sales people in your team, consider in-house sales training.
If at this moment you have less than 10 sales people in your team, public sales training is what you need.

  • Click here for more information about Sales Ninja Public Sales Trainings.

Sales Motivation Training

Warrior small

If you would like to:

  • Become a sales person who always think it’s possible to succeed.
  • Have the courage to face any problems or obstacles.
  • Commit to achieve and break through sales targets.
  • Develop the mind set of service before self.
  • Build a sense of responsibility and accountability.

  • Focus in getting things done.
  • Honoring others and the company by respect and loyalty.
  • Honesty in sales dealings.
  • Create trust by cultivating strong character and competence.
  • Always be improving in oneself through grow by learning.

Then Sales Motivation Training is what you need. Sales Motivation is currently available only through in-house sales training. It is done through small groups from 10 onwards to sales conferences of 1000’s.

Sales Leadership Training

Sales Ninja Training Malaysia - Sales Ninja Shogun

If you would like to:

  • Want to unleash your inner leadership warrior within.
  • Want to lead the team to set high goals and achieve them.
  • Want to lead the team by strategizing to succeed.
  • Want to lead the team by utilizing and acquiring resources effectively.

  • Want to lead the team by anticipating and eliminating obstacles early.
  • Want to lead the team by clear and concise communication.
  • Want to lead the team by constantly motivating them to perform.
  • Want to lead the team to take the right actions.

  • Want to lead the team by constantly improving on the structure, systems and scripts.
  • Want to lead the team through victories by celebrating all wins.
  • Want to lead the team by challenging the team to set new goals immediately after achieving them.

Then Sales Leadership Training is what you need. Only in-house training is available for Sales Leadership Training.

Sales Management Training

Sales Ninja Training Malaysia - Sales Ninja Shogun

If you would like to:

  • Build a strong sales culture of performance.
  • Understand what a sales manager should do to lead their teams.
  • Learn about successful compensation plans.
  • Be able to forecast more accurately.
  • Analyze sales problems and solve them.

  • Recruit the right sales person for your company.
  • Train your sales people into sales fighters fast.
  • Coach your sales team and bring them to the next level.
  • Motivate the team to bring results and not reasons.

  • Strategize to execute reward and recognition programs.
  • Boost the team with practical sales contests.
  • Learn best practices of sales management.
  • Bechmark yourself againsts world class sales management practices.

Then Sales Management Training is what you need. Both in-house and public training is available for Sales Management & Leadership Training.

  • Click here for more information about Sales Ninja SHOGUN – Public Sales Management Trainings.

Sales Team Building

unity - optimized size

If you would like to:

  • Cultivate the spirit of one team – to win together and let go of individualistic self-centered mindsets and behaviors and think about the company, the department and then self rather than thinking about self, then the department, then the company.
  • Develop the culture of support and encouragement among the departments.

  • Increase sales leadership capabilities through the challenging activities.

Then Sales Team Building is what you are looking for. We offer exciting programs and activities to cultivate teamwork!

Sales Coaching

If you would like to:

  • Work one-on-one with a sales coach to tackle your sales issues.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve them.
  • Improve on your selling skills by treating improvement as a discipline.
  • Develop a plan for skills improvement.
  • Achieve and break sales targets consistently.

  • Discover your sales passion and anchor it.
  • Enlighten yourself with some new insights on sales or sales management.
  • Vent your sales issues in a safe environment and solve them for sure.
  • Be challenged to go beyond your normal results.

  • Sustain the momentum you are experiencing.
  • Bring your sales results to the next level with high level strategies.
  • Achieve sales results in a shorter period of time.
  • Reinforce the best practices you are currently doing.

Then Sales Coaching is what you need. Sales Coaching is an on-going process of developing your sales results through 4 critical sales areas. Sales coachings are done face-to-face, one-one-one or in a small group not exceeding 5 or through tele-coaching calls.

Sales Consulting

If you would like to:

  • Achieve the sales success your company have set for.
  • Create or improve on your sales strategy.
  • Analyze whether your current sales structure is maximizing or minimizing the team’s results.
  • Create or improve on your sales system or process.
  • Evaluate your current sales system or process to ensure they are capitalized.

  • Install a sales methodology across board so the team can speak the same language and follow the same method.
  • Ensure your sales team produces consistent results by using your industry or company’s sales best practices.
  • Design an in-house sales training or training activities specifically for your company that can be re-used to train your new recruits again and again.
  • License Sales Ninja trainings or activities for your training usages.

Then Sales Consulting services what you need. Sales Ninja has successfully developed lots of sales processes for SMEs and installed various companies with Sales Ninja’s proven and practical sales methodology – Sales Ninja MASTER.

Sales Seminars

If you would like to:

  • Kick off your sales meetings, conferences and conventions with high ninja fighting spirits.
  • Create a high energy environment for your sales meetings, conferences and conventions.
  • Motivate the team to achieve or break targets.

  • Deliver sales ideas to your team in an engaging way.
  • Boost the sales leaders to lead their team more powerfully.
  • Provide a platform for the team to practice certain skills.
  • Reinforce your corporate, department and team values at the meeting, conference or convention.

Then Sales Seminars is what you need.
Sales Ninja has super charged small sized sales meetings of 10 to mesmerizing large sales conventions of 1000s.