World Cup Finals and How Motivation Drives Sales

2 Champions emerged on Sunday at the World Cup Finals: Croatia AND France. France won the World Cup for the 2nd time (1st was 1998) and Croatia won the hearts of the people.

The game itself was a SPECTACULAR match compared to the previous World Cup Finals! Croatia, for the 1st time EVER, has made it into the Final round and France has brought home the World Cup for the 2nd time after so many previous disappointments. How did they get here? How did they manage to pull off something that no one in their right mind can imagine?


One lesson I learned from both teams is the consistency of their plays. Their strategies, their formation, the way they keep the ball and the way they execute their plans. How determination and motivation keep one’s perseverance rushing through their blood just to see victory.

Croatia held the ball the longest and attacked continuously; the makings of a great sales team, always chasing and chasing as a coordinated team.

France had a great defence structure, similar on how a sales person would defend their prices and values compared to fierce and rising competitors despite being the “bigger team”.

Overconfidence and Complacency

The biggest slip up from Sunday’s match was the French goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, let pass the ball for Mario Mandzukic to score a 2nd goal for Croatia.

Many have speculated that Hugo simply let slip the ball because France was in a comfortable position after 1 penalty kick and 1 free kick; like how you would get easy and sudden sales for doing nothing. While others speculated that he was simply tired. And, of course, there are some who simply pointed out that a passed ball to the goalkeeper cannot be caught by hand.

Regardless, for you as a sales person, just because you got your sales early or a lot, you could let loose your sales at any given moment and your clients will just go to your competitor in a blink. You must never let your guard down no matter what the reason is.

Unexpected Obstacles

What other way to best hinder your sales effort than a little unsuspecting problem raining down on you? For the World Cup Finals, it quite literally did. A storm brewed as the game went on which made the players more sluggish, slippery and downright COLD especially in Russia.

And then there were random spectators trying to humiliate himself for public attention by storming the field. And for those who are not aware, the intruders were from a punk band called “Pussy Riot” (they claimed responsibility via their Social Media channels).

Weird and unexpected obstacles and challenges appear in the sales line every day and about 70% of every client cases. Would you simply wait for the storm to pass by you or would you grit your teeth and play through it regardless?

Sales Ninja Lessons

Everything that happens always have a lesson to learn. With Sales Ninja, we point out and teach everything that is wrong with your sales skills and strengthen them by unorthodox and just outright weird means.

What does Sales Ninja do? WE TRAIN! We use extreme and unconventional means to ensure whatever is taught is hammered into your memory. Experiential and games are the ways of the Sales Ninja and a 95% effective rate is enough proof from us.

But most importantly, what are the lessons you can bring home? Here’s a brief list:

HOW to NOT lose FOCUS when chasing sales

HOW to build and maintain motivation

HOW to overcome ANY obstacles

HOW to ignore all distractions

HOW to Sell in Tough Times

HOW to Lead in Tough Times

And the list keeps going…

France just had its Bastille Day, so their spirits and motivation are through the roof! When is it your turn?

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