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“As Asia’s #1 Sales Solutions company, Sales Ninja Training is the leader in helping small-medium, listed and global companies in all kinds of industries whether it’s B2B, B2C, direct sales, enterprise sales, retail sales, channel sales, dealer sales, project sales to transform their sales organisations into sales performing departments. Leading Sales Training in Malaysia, they’ve impacted in excess of 11,000 salespeople in more than 400 companies across over 20 industries.”

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Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Sales Ninja Group is one of Asia’s fastest growing Sales Training and Seminar providers, with proven results that solidify our position as Asia’s Number 1 Sales Solutions.

Starting out in a 400 square foot room with only himself, Hanzo Ng set up Sales Ninja Training with the goal of changing the sales performance of companies all over the world. From there, Sales Ninja Training has doubled in team size, revenue and office space – expanding to an office that is over 2000 sq feet and backed by a solid team of more than 10 driven individuals. Over the years, the desire to ensure that Sales Ninja Training’s clients achieve their sales targets so their salespeople make money and the company makes money has not changed – it’s just gotten stronger.

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Hear From The Grandmaster Whose Success Story is The Reason Why Sales Ninja is Asia’s Number 1 Sales Solution Company

Hanzo Ng is Asia’s Number 1 Sales Trainer and the founder of Sales Ninja Training, delivery sales training across Malaysia and S.E.A.

His business acumen does not stop there. He is an international speaker, entrepreneur, VISTAGE resource speaker and the author of “Secrets of the Sales Ninja”. Named one of the “100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs” for 2019, Hanzo founded Kin Training and is a hardcore crypto investor and trader. His journey to getting where he is now? Impressive to say the least.

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Sadly, people scoff when you mention that you spend time reading motivational books, self-help books, and so on. They give you a side glance of judgment. But, to be honest, they’re the ones missing out. I’ve read over 400 books and there was something to learn from every. single. one of them. These books urged me on as I tried to find my passion – the things that I was good at. They taught me how to visualize what I wanted to do, and ultimately, I wanted to be successful. This was a vague, big-picture goal without a fixed direction.

With Ziglar’s written help, I started cementing what I needed to do to reach my big-picture goal:

  • I needed to climb the corporate ladder as fast as I could. Which would, hopefully, lead me-

  • To become an entrepreneur. And ultimately-

  • Successful.

The author of the motivational book was a salesman. So, I figured that the path to becoming an entrepreneur started with taking steps forward as a salesperson.

This is How I spent My 20’s

A lot of the time, I searched for companies that could train me to be the best of the best; the place that I could learn fast and continue learning for as long as I needed to. When I finally found one, they had over a hundred salespeople. I was not scared – okay, maybe just a little bit nervous.

I worked my way to the very top of the company. I broke almost all of the sales records including “Top Sales of the Month” and “Top of the Salesman of the Year” – I was also inducted into the Hall of Fame (the MDRT of my industry). I got promoted to the position of Sales Manager (winning the award for Top Team Performance while managing over 60 people in the organization and the Best Manager of The Year Award). Before I knew it, I was the Head of Sales.

Most noticeable of all – I started earning money. Suddenly, I was able to buy myself a car and a round trip to wherever I wanted to go to in the world. Best of all – I stopped looking at the prices of food before I sat down to order.

As time went on, as I gradually experienced success, I grasped an understanding of how being in sales was life-changing. But when I looked around me at the other salespeople: they were tired, complacent, negative and rarely took initiative. They would trudge into work with long faces, yawn about 78432 times a day and pick up the phone maybe no more than 20 times (if you are in sales – you know that this is way below the average target). I was frustrated – if sales could change my life, why wasn’t the opportunity the same for these guys? If I could utilise my sales skills to improve my quality of life, why aren’t they doing the same when we all started out on the same playing field?

This is How I spent My 30’s

I watched as people slowly fell out of the industry. Meanwhile, my passion did not die – if anything, it merely grew stronger. Suddenly, I had a new goal – with the power and influence I had in my position, I wanted to let sales change the lives of the people around me in the same way it had impacted mine.

After spending time in different companies, took a step back. I spent 6 months reflecting on what it was that I wanted to do – who it was that I now wanted to be. I even attended a 5-day course where we were asked to stare at a tree/the grass/the sky in order to formulate an idea of who we were (of course, there were many other activities that allowed me to delve deeper into my subconscious and it brought out things I did not know was holding me back).

After this period, I knew in my heart what I wanted and I told myself, “It’s time to be an entrepreneur,”. The next question to ask was “What kind of business do I want to do?” and the answer came to me in an instant.

Here’s What I feel

If I can increase the sales of companies, the companies will then have more resources that can be allocated to awarding their staff for their performance. As a result, the staff will experience an improvement directly in their quality of life and via their improvement in their lifestyles – they can travel, they can spend and they can consume. In the same way, I experienced this, I want all salespeople to experience this.

And I want to do this for the rest of my life so that other people can do the same. How do I do this? Through sales training in Malaysia and around the world.

This is why Sales Ninja Training is Asia’s Number 1 Sales Solutions Company:

Because we commit – with honor and honesty – to the improvement of teamwork, performance, leadership, skillset, and mindset of your leaders, teams, and company.

“I want to change the lives of each and every salesperson out there. I want to change the performance of companies.”

“I’m here to ensure that – by boosting up the sales of my clients 1 company at a time, 1 leader at a time, 1 person at a time – we avoid the domino effect of economies failing as a result of companies failing”.


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We have trained various groups from less than 10 to mesmerizing crowds of thousands. Having trained thousands of business and sales professionals, Sales Ninja Training’s programs have influenced people from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Oceania, Australia, Indonesia, and the Middle East. Sales Ninja Training is highly specialized in designing customized sales training modules that align with your sales process, sales environment, and sales culture.

*All training programs done with Sales Ninja Training is HRDF claimable.



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To transform every salesperson into the ultimate sales professional (known as Sales Ninja’s) by providing them the latest, most powerful and unconventional sales strategies through mindset transformational programmes that will massively increase their sales.


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