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How to Sell in 2020 - Sales Ninja Asia

How To Sell in 2021

“A total of 409 appointments – with Key Decision Makers – were secured by 60 participants in only 2 days. Total sales revenue generated? RM3,000,000.” – Cooperative

Do you want to make the same improvement? Who knows, you might do even better.

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How to Lead in 2020 - Sales Ninja Asia

How To Lead in 2021

“We attained a whopping 40% growth in sales revenue with the massive improvement in leadership capabilities displayed by our sales leaders’ as a direct result of the training program.” – Telemarketing company

Do you want managers? Or, do you want LEADERS? How are they different?

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Team Fighting Spirit - Sales Ninja Asia

Team Fighting Spirit

“We started with inconsistent, low attendance (52%) and an uninspiring call rate, our attendance increased to 99% and our call rate increased by 15%. The team’s commitment to their daily targets is astounding – a dramatic change in the team.” – Property Company

Do you have more “individuals” than “teams”? We can turn your assembly of employees into a team.

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