Sales is a roller-coaster. It has its peak times and it has its slow times. There are good and steady times and then there are tough and bumpy times. For people on the front lines itself, going through tough times is daunting especially when leads are slow, conversion is low and sales is bad. Even the most skilled sales people can’t overcome that wall so easily.

For leaders, the task is twice as great because you are responsible for everyone reporting to you. When sales are slow or when that one person is demotivated, the team will always look to you, the leader, for insight and ideas and new ways to overcome all hardships. So how do you accomplish this?

Experience VS Inexperience

Managers, heads of departments or even C-level officers follow their experience and gut feeling to manage things which can be useful about 50% of the time. The other half is an absolute mitigated disaster because they would use experiences from old times or situations where they excel at. The only problem is that times change very fast but their experiences (or skills) are not always up to par.

New managers on the other hand also face a 50/50 chance of success because they would either:

  1. Study vigorously about management and how to lead or;
  2. Learn management advices and tips from their former bosses and leaders.

Be it new or old leaders, if they are not up speed about the current trends or hot sales topics of the day, then they are set to fail. In the latest survey, about 82% of companies hire the wrong managers to lead their people and thus they face constant high turnover and losing money over it.

Sales Ninja Methodologies

We at Sales Ninja have trained leaders and managers from all levels as well regardless whether they are new or old in their fields. Rising Team Leaders, Senior Managers, Heads of departments, and even C-level officers have been trained by us and we have successfully transformed their way of thinking and managerial skills to a whole new level! How could we accomplish this? By using our vast knowledge of the multiple industries, psychological games and our hardcore methodologies to enhance not only your skills but also your memory so you will NEVER forget what we have taught you.

What Sales Ninja can do for you?

  • HOW to motivate your teams during bleak days
  • HOW to manage your team’s targets effectively
  • HOW to increase your team’s productivity
  • HOW to handle objections from your people’s customers
  • HOW to tackle objections as a manager compared to a normal executive

Sounds interesting? That’s because it is! Click HERE to find out more on what we can do for you and HERE to contact us so we can fully customize the right solution for you!

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