This ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo changed my sales techniques overnight

This ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo changed my sales techniques overnight

This is an experience shared by one of my team members.

I was browsing through the internet and saw this ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo and it struck me – sales is just like that.

The difference between the two pictures before editing is so drastic that it looks like an entirely different photo. But the fact is, the edited photo is basically the original photo with some tweaks.  So, here’s how I felt it relates to sales:

Selling the same thing but changing the techniques

If you are selling something and yet you are not closing sales as much are you are expecting, it could be time to check on your technique. Like the ‘before’ photo, it could be a nice product but people are not ‘seeing ‘it. Maybe a simple change in your sales technique like probing, understanding their business better, rapport building and selling USP can make a difference to how your prospects view your product. Once they see it, they will be interested buy it.

Be more exciting 

One very obvious difference between both pictures is the exciting colours of the edited photo. It stands out much more although they are both essentially the same photo. This method can apply to an everyday sales call. Generally, most sales people tend to call their prospect and say:

“Hi, this is Roger. Are you interested in our latest printer? It can print XXX pages in 1 minute”

But, by just changing that same sales line a little:

“Hi Mr. Lim! I understand that you are in the printing business and you need to print more than XXX documents in 1 hour? Just to share with you, we have actually sold more than 20 printers in the last few months to X,Y and Z company which are in the same business as yours.”

Both scripts are selling the same product, but one is dry and it sounds like a typical sales pitch while the other gets the other person curious to know more.

Show things that you should show

A little tongue twister there… but basically, it means highlighting things unique about your product which are your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  In the ‘before’ photo, the bottom half of the photo is just dark and unclear. But after editing, you get to appreciate the beautiful landscape.

When selling your product, you need to highlight your USP which are things that make your product different form others or else your prospect will just be clueless about your product and don’t see the need to buy it. There are 4 main categories of USP which are Product, People, Service, Company. Find out more here

Only some people get the angle right

Thousands of people could have seen this view but only few can get this breath-taking photo. It’s because they got the angle right.

In sales, if you are able to approach a prospect with the right angle, you win the sale. The right angle means the pain points of the customer, things that he needs and that you can provide. There are tens of other sales people contacting him trying to sell something. But if you can hit in pain points, he will buy from you. Some instant methods are to understand his company and challenges and sharing case studies.

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