Do you maintain your car as we as well as your sales?

Do you maintain your car as we as well as your sales?

Most of us own a car. But, owning a car does not mean just buying the car and end-of-story.

Owning a car means more than that – you need to perform maintenance, repair and even fuel the car to get it to operate properly. Failing to do that will result in a damaged car.

Putting this into sales concept, think of your car as your sales. Here’s how:

Your car needs regular maintenance

As a car owner, you know that you have to service your car at least after 10,000km or after 6 months (roughly). Without periodic maintenance, your call will eventually breakdown. If you are a sales manager, having periodic training and coaching for your team is important. This also means getting feedback and information on reasons why your sales team is not performing and then diagnosing a solution. Without regular check-ups with your team, your team will breakdown over time.

Most sales manager we consulted share that they just pressurise their sales team to get sales. Yes, sometimes pressure is necessary but that may not be the root of the problem. It could be they do not have the resources; they need coaching on how to handle certain objections or even unsure about their product’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). That’s where a good sales leader needs to step in to provide solutions to these challenges.

Parts will eventually fail

All car parts will fail due to wear-and-tear. For example, if your brake pads need replacing and you delay or choose not to replace it, your car will not brake effectively, and your brakes will be damaged. Not only that, you might have to bear with the loud screeching brake noise.

Sales methods get stale over time, and some techniques need to be updated and changed. Old techniques which were effective 10 years ago may not be relevant in today’s market. Keep yourself updated in latest sales techniques. Also, free tools such as Whatsapp, email and videos can be good ways to follow up with your prospects. Using the same old ineffective methods may just sound like the screeching sound of brakes.

You need a trained mechanic to look at your car
If you hear a weird sound coming from your engine, you might be able to guess the problem but only a trained mechanic can inspect your car properly to find out what’s wrong with it. Likewise, if you are experiencing symptoms of problems in your sales team, it is important to engage an experienced sales consultant to understand your challenges and provide a solution.

Guessing your sales problems and attempting to solve it yourself may cost you a huge amount of time and resources. You might eventually solve it but you that will cost you many months of under-performing sales before reaching that solution. This is something that may not be acceptable to most companies.

We have trained many companies and we have received reports from CEOs that their sales results were transformed within the next month as a result from our training. The first step they took was to contact us for a free consultation. From there, we customised an effective solution for their team. If you are keen to take this first step too, contact us for our absolutely free consultation here

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