I Have A Dream…

I Have A Dream…

10 years ago, while I was doing soul searching as to what business to start;  I’ve asked myself two questions. What am I really good at and do I want to do it for the rest of my life? Eventually, my answer was sales training! I have the vision to change the life of the sales community, and that is the reason I’ve started Sales Ninja – A brand that represents the best of the best sales people in the world. I’ve always been the ‘top performer’ in all my career; and that encourages me to inspire others to be, to do and to have the same experience.

Throughout the years, I have trained and transformed many companies from various industries. Some examples to mention are; Automotive clients such as, Peugeot; Advertising media clients, such as Astro; Banking clients such as, Public bank; FMCG clients such as,  Yeos; Insurance companies such as, AIA; Pharmaceuticals companies such as, Pfizer; Property developers such as, ICT and many more.

It doesn’t matter if the industry does sales through dealers, or projects or even products; I’ve done it all. Also worth mentioning; I’ve even given a talk for the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN); yes, you’ve heard it right; it’s our tax department!

My major role is to transform the clients’ revenue by generating strategies, structures and skills to ensure their growth and mainly to contribute back to the supply chain.

Some clients hire us to motivate their sales people, some wants to craft their sales manual, some wants to create a structure for their key accounts management, some wants to upskill their veteran sales people, some wants to improve their sales cold-calling skills to generate new businesses, some wants to train newcomers to perform faster, while some simply wants to grow. For example; I’ve had a client who wanted to grow his business from RM 70 million to RM 100 million. While they have tried many method but still failed to achieve the target; they eventually appointed Sales Ninja as their training consultant, for guidance and to challenge them.

I would proudly say that I have literally tackled all kinds of humanly possible sales scenarios over the 10 years and that is what keeps me pumped and motivated every single day. The challenges are REAL; I need to find and create solutions to help my clients solve their problems FAST. I feel a sense of great satisfaction whenever I see my clients doubled their appointments, improved their conversion ratios, grew double digit in within a year, and even boosted the sales of a contact centre by 30%. My constant aim is to help my clients meet their targets so they can get their bonuses and incentives.

Today, I remain firm that my dream from 10 years ago is still big and ongoing… If you have any sales problems, let me assist you.

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