Why People Fail And Not Get up – History Haunts You

As as sales person, the only way to get to the top is by getting the best sales performance. It is only when you do well in your sales, you reach the top. Being the best is definitely good. You’ll get lots of sales commissions, bonus, respect from your colleagues, confidence, customers who love your services and more!

But, why don’t people stay at the top? Here are some reasons why:

– They just want to be average
– They have been up there before but not able to maintain the position
– They have failed before and got demotivated

– and more!

Being Average

Being average is the route of most sales people. They want to get by, hit their sales target (if possible) and then relax and take it easy. As long as they are performing a little, the management will not question their performance. They go on day by day with this philosophy.

Not Being Able To Main The Position

Some sales people who are ambitious when they just started out may reach the top fast. It is a great achievement. The problem comes later when they feel that there are no more challenges and over confident and start slacking off. That’s when competitors will emerge and take all the sales from you, and you will start losing out. Once you get demotivated, you will need to motivate yourself to be number 1 again.

Past Failures

This is the most common reason why sales people do not reach the top. They have met with failures, countless of rejections and not being able to hit their targets or overcoming their fear. This is a mental block that will get even a top sales person demotivated and lose confidence. Remember that past failures are temporal and learn from it. Whatever failures you have faced will give you success if you learn from it.


It can be easy to reach the top. But maintaining it is not easy. It takes motivation, perseverance, action, and energy to stay at the top. Not to forget to be the best you need to know your products well, have good sales skillsets and sales activities to be the best sales person. Past failures and fears are common reason and you need to learn to overcome these barriers as it will hold you back for life and you will be losing out if you do not overcome it.

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