Most Unusual Traffic Jams Have This Symptom

Most Unusual Traffic Jams Have This Symptom

Have you been stuck in an unusually long and bumper to bumper traffic jam for an hour or more? The unusual thing is that, that place have never been jammed before and you wonder why it is jammed now. As you slowly progress through the jam, you realize that cars are slowly cutting in to your lane from the other lanes. And just as you’ve guessed, a car has broken down and has blocked one of the lanes causing the massive jam! Sounds familiar?

Once you have passed the stalled car, the road is clear again and most likely it will have less cars than how it normally would as most of the cars would still be stuck in the jam. Don’t you agree that it feels great after passing that stalled car? Then you would wonder how much time you would have saved if that car did not break down in the middle of the road like that. You’ve had practically lost one hour in that ridiculous jam when that could be avoided if the car did not block the lane.

Lessons here:

Broke Down Car

Like sales, you may be stuck in a sales traffic jam where you are not going anywhere, not getting sales, sales slowing down and probably lost energy in sales. You could have been in this state for weeks, months or even years and wondering why you are feeling so down. It is because of the mind, all these past past failures, no energy and mindset has prevented you from moving forward. But, once you remove that ‘broke-down-car’ from your mind, sales can be smoother again. It may be better than before, you will be motivated and you will get that good feeling again!

Smooth Journey

Do you agree that barriers in your mind hold you back? It could be barriers like fear, motivation or past failures that are stopping you from moving forward. Sometimes sales people are afraid of calling a prospect because they have been rejected so many times before. It could be that they have been getting objections after objections throughout the day and naturally before they make another call to a prospect, their mind will tell them that ” You ARE going to be rejected again!”

This scenario is exactly like that broke down car situation, the mind is making you believe that you can’t do it, causing massive traffic jams in your sales. How you can work around it is to remove that broke down car.  Once you have that breakthrough,the barriers will be gone and you will start seeing smooth traffic again. Click here to see how Sales Ninja does it.

Sales Ninja Warrior

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