Sales Follow Up Technique – Get Your Long Lost Prospects To Buy Again

Sales Follow Up Technique – Get Your Long Lost Prospects To Buy Again

True story from Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi on how effective follow up can be.

3 years back, I have always liked the car that my ex colleague drove. It was the Hyundai Tiburon and it was red. Really outstanding two door car. Most of the days after I parked my car, I would walk pass his car and admire how it looked and imagine myself driving one. So at one point of time,  I was asked him about the car’s performance, comfort, fuel consumption and etc. I was so interested in his car that I was also asking him if he was willing to sell his car. He was willing.

In the end, I did not buy the car as I felt it was not right for me to buy, budget wise.

A year later, he left the company and we practically lost contact.  I too left the company and joined Sales Ninja and I had totally forgotten about the incident about buying his car.

(2 Months Back)

Then 2 months back, I received a phone call from that guy. It was a surprise. After talking for a bit and catching up with him, he asked 

” Bro, just trying my luck, are you still interested to buy my Hyundai?”

He was in the stage of changing to another car and wants to sell off of his Hyundai Tiburon.

I had not changed my car since then and that phone call revived my desire for that car again. I was still interested in that car and I have been driving my current car for 6 years now. It was probably the right time for me to change. But again I had to turn him down as I have no plans to change my car so soon. But, this was what strucked me:


Follow up. Initially when I showed interest in his car, he remembered. Then after 3 years, he still kept my contact and tried to sell me again. It made me interested in his offer again. Follow ups are really important and effective. It has the ability to change the prospect’s mind.

If I was already looking out for a car and suddenly received his call, high chances are, I might buy it. You will never know what is in your prospect’s mind. But, if you follow up with him regularly, he will one day buy your products or engage your services. But, if you do not follow up, you might lose that sale. But remember, EFFECTIVE follow up is the key.

Follow up system. How do you plan to follow up? Writing down on a piece of paper will not help. You will not be able to remember things that happened last month or even last year. Use CRM system like Zoho to track your follow ups. These are small investments that will help you tremendously.

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