Part 2 – Crime Prevention For Sales People

Part 2 – Crime Prevention For Sales People

This is the continuation from Part 1 – Malaysia Is Not Safe Anymore, Even For Sales People. If you have not read it yet, click here

Crime Prevention For Sales People

From the previous article, you would have read on how sales people commit sales crimes. Although they are not really crimes that would cause you to go to jail, but it is a crime to yourself.

How do you prevent them?

Below you will see very simple steps that can dramatically transform you and prevent your from making those sales crimes and cause you to lose sales.

Follow Up And Prospecting

Most sales people do not follow up and find new prospects. Following up is very important. Below is an example of how most follow ups are done:

“Hi Mr Prospect, what do you think of the proposal? Oh, not interested ? I see. It’s okay, thanks!” 

Then end the call and then move on to new prospect. This is not follow up.  Following up requires understanding customer deeper. If they say they are not interested, real follow up requires you to get more information, get specific information as to why they are not interested. Then, the next step is to lead them maybe for appointments, calling back again at another date, or emails. 

How’s Your Pitch?

How do you approach your customers about what you sell or your services? Most say this:

” Oh! We are the best! We give the best service and our products are very high quality!”

The problem is, even your competitor says that. Everyone else will also claim that they are the best. Learn to change your pitch and how to REALLY convince your buyers that you really are the best. One way is to ask yourself, why are you the best? Why do you say your service is the best?

When Buyers Says Your Products Are EXPENSIVE

It is very normal for customers to give you objections saying your products are expensive, what is so special about you, and why should we buy from you? Your answers will definitely affect your sales. If you do not answer these objections well, high chances are, you won’t get that sale. A mistake most sales people do is to get offended and argue. Buyers may not like it and when they are unhappy, they will  most likely move to your competitors.


These are some techniques of how to prevent sales crimes. From part 1 of this series, you have learnt how sales people commit crimes that makes them lose sale. In this post, you have a basic idea of how to prevent it and at the same time, sell more effectively.

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