Why I love 2 hour traffic jams as a salesperson

Why I love 2 hour traffic jams as a salesperson

Most of those in my acquaintance have aversions to traffic jams. A nice 20-minute drive can turn into a 2-hour nightmare caused by a minor accident or bad weather. As a sales person, I would get exasperated when forced to endure a standstill – I am used to the fast-paced environment of sales – but now, with personal experience built up over the years, I have new methods to make these instances bearable: 

Follow up

In a traffic jam, I utilise my time by calling my customers to follow up on proposals, offers, to close deals and to ask for their feedback – all done with the magic of a hands-free device and my eye on the road! I take the time to think about what I am going to say, what has worked before and what I can do differently to capture the attention and interest of my clients.

It is a surprise how much can be done while sitting in your car during rush hour – you might be able to close that deal your boss has been gunning for!

Observe billboards and signages

I tend to look out for billboards and office signs when I am stuck in a gridlock. You never know what you might miss In doing so, I find that I am observing the existence of new companies I might have not heard of before and are not in my database. I make a mental note of them to be able to do some research on them and to have them in to my database – you never know when you might stumble upon a potential client!

I have lost count of the number of new companies I have added to my “to-call” list while being stuck in a 2-hour traffic jam in a week. Overloading on leads is better than having none at all! 

Listen to audiobooks

Stuck in the car with nothing else to do, I put on an educational audiobook, podcast or pre-downloaded TED talk. Times have changed! No more tangled up tapes or scratched up CDs with jarred music. Through these avenues, I improve my sales skills and more often than not, I feel more motivated by the end of it! We are able to process emotion and intonation when listening to auditory stimuli, thus leaving a lasting impression. Imagine listening to an audiobook every day when you travel to work, in between appointments and on the way back home – you will have read a new book every week!

Success is often attributed to avid reading. Being busy individuals, it is hard to find time to read a physical book. Therefore, an audiobook is the answer – you are learning while driving!

Get creative

The best ideas are thought of at the oddest of times! I’ve been asked over and over again, why can’t I sell my product and service? To stay on top of my competition, I am always contemplating new ways to sell a product or service. If there is a product that you find is difficult to sell or are constantly bombarded with objections from clients because of a service you offer,  it is time you sit down and brainstorm new ideas to turn that negative situation into an opportunity for you to sell benefits (the “why” your customers should invest in what you are selling). Cover all grounds and think of an answer for every possible objection you might face.

Sometimes, the quite confines of your car can stimulate your mind and allow for innovative answers. If you are able to think of a solid argument or selling point, you can call your client right then and there!

Reflect and improve

Are you still reeling from the experience of bad sale? Use this time to reflect and ruminate on what went wrong. Take note of your mistakes, think of better ways to handle similar situations and do your best to not repeat them! Identify bad routines before they turn into bad habits that will affect your sales performance!

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me! Having been improving and learning from my own mistakes, I now ask questions and probe employees when they least expect it – my aim is to broaden their expectations and understand that they need to be fully equipt with all the necessary information to sell, sell, sell! 

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