Walking Up The Stairs & Habits!

It’s been months since I took the stairs up to my office. Mainly due to the fact that I’m in training most of the time and just isn’t in office. Well today while waiting for the lift I actually had a thought, ‘hey why not take the stairs again?’ and I did. I’ve been taking the stairs consistently for 2 months I think. But that was sometime last year. Then I went back into normal mode because I was running on auto pilot – a special programming called (HABIT). I’ve been taking the lift for years now vs the stairs for only 2 months. So it’s easy and natural to take the lift. A lot of people want to improve their selling skills. But if we are always running on shortcuts called habits, then we may try something new for a while and then bounce back to being the same just like the stairs vs lift activity of mine. The key to this is of course practice. But I think more importantly is awareness. If I wasn’t aware to choose the stairs, I would have taken the lift today. So dear Sales Ninjas, always think of the new habit you want to have replacing the old one and have a iron strong will to consistently practice it. All the best. Unconventionally, Hanzo Ng Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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