3 Important Points To Improve!

Had lunch with Boon Siong yesterday. He’s the CEO of Vista Eye Specialist, one of the top eye centres in the country that transforms people’s blur vision to clear vision through Lasik and cataract solutions. You can check them out if you are still wearing glasses and want to be glasses (free) forever! http://www.vista.com.my He said 3 things are very important to improve… 1 – The books you read. 2 – The people you meet. 3 – The conversations you seek. I’m a big believer in reading. In fact everytime I do trainings or give a speech, I always promote the idea of reading. It totally changed my life! It’s who you know and who knows you. A cliche we are all familiar with and still so valid. That’s why networking is very important. I remember an old quote I still use – “losers talk about people most of the time (gossiping), average people talk about events, but when great people meet, they talk ideas (growth, improvement, etc)!” So what are you reading or are you reading at all? Who are you meeting consistently? And what do you all talk about? Something to think about… And do! Unconventional, Hanzo Ng Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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