Free Sales Techniques with ZERO Skills Required

Free Sales Techniques with ZERO Skills Required

Looking for quick ways to improve your sales or your team’s sales without going through technical methods? There are many ways to improve sales – some which are easier to implement and some takes slightly longer time where more practice is required.

Here, we’ll show you some really quick techniques that you can even use right after reading this article (Some of this are part of our Sales Ninja Codes).


There are many sales people who can be dishonest just to close sales. Some may not lie upfront but they hide unflattering information about their products from customers. If you want returning customers, be honest every time.


Being punctual in a busy city like Kuala Lumpur can be challenging where traffic jams can just pop up out of nowhere.

However, that being said, your clients do not really care if you are stuck in a jam. If you do not turn up on time, it gives the impression that you are a sloppy person and you do not take their business seriously.

Use technologies like Google Map or Waze to plan your travel time effectively. Be there on your appointment much earlier and use your extra time to follow up with other clients over the phone.


Speed is responding pays a big impact. A customer tends to give more plus points to a seller that responds faster. It shows that the person is organized, efficient and responsible. In Sales Ninja, after we meet a prospect, we always send our proposal and quotation within 24 hours.


Staying charged up the entire day can be tough especially after getting rejected by clients the whole day.

The issue is, your clients can detect a sales person with low energy over the phone within seconds. So, if you are feeling low in energy, take a 5 minute break, do a quick exercise or make yourself a nice hot coffee!

Always sound energetic over the phone. It can just help you close one more sale.


Activity means doing sales activity. If you don’t call a prospect, you’ll never get an appointment. Even without super sales skills, with enough activity, you’ll get to set appointments by consistently cold calling.

We believe that even a regular sales person who consistently has sales activity will close more sales than a top sales person with less activity.


If you are always wanting to increase your commissions, you need to find ways to improve. Read sales books, read online articles (we publish free online articles every week) or watch online videos. You can even listen to an audiobook or podcast while driving.

The next step, Sales Training 

If you are a sales leader looking to take your team to the next step so that they can close more sales, our sales training is proven to improve sales performance for any sales team.  

We have trained beginners to experienced sales people to bring them to the next level in their sales performance. Through our methods, we can transform an underperforming sales person to a top sales performer. Talk to us today for a free consultation here.

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