Beyond The Standard Customer Service Story!

Was with a client and he shared with me one of the things he does to reward his staffs for the behavior he wants. He provides any staff the “Beyond The Standard Awards” when ever someone goes the extra mile, outside the sops <standard operating procedures> to provide the best to their customers.

While communicating with her customer, Jessy found out that her customer’s beloved dog just died 3 days ago. Sympathetic and sad, she told her to chill up, the customer was fine. The very same day, Jessy went out and bought a card (on her own expense) and sent it to her customer. The customer was surprised but yet touched. The customer wrote a letter (not email because she’s not computer savvy) and sent it to the company thanking Jessy for her good touch and wanted the management to know about it.

By the way, Jessy didn’t tell anyone of her gesture, she just did it because she felt it was the right thing to do. She didn’t want to claim credit, she didn’t want to receive awards, she just wanted to be human. The management was thrilled and rewarded Jessy accordingly for her exceptional customer service. Not a big deed, not hard to do, but makes a big impact.

What are we doing today to be human? To really care and concern about people, about our prospects or customers or staffs?

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