Tokyo Street Pavilion Celebrating 2 Year Anniversary

Tokyo Street Pavilion Celebrating 2 Year Anniversary

I was in Pavilion last Saturday at around 10am and the first place we headed to was Daiso at Pavilion’s Tokyo street which sold lots of interesting things at a very low price.  After going to every corner of the shop (repeatedly) looking for things we need to buy, we finally got what we wanted.

As we walked out, we spotted girls dressed in kimono (as you can see from the picture at the far end) and was curious to find out what’s going on. As we walk closer, suddenly we heard drums being played and everyone was quickly taking out their cameras and phones to take pictures. I then realize that it was a performance to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Tokyo Street Pavilion. It was an awesome sight and it was grand. 

My thoughts about it


Tokyo Street managed to get a breakthrough by successfully running and maintaining the standards of Tokyo Street for 2 years. It was a good concept as many people are opening up to Japanese related things like food, anime, toys, accessories and etc.  They have gathered all of that in one location and that translates to a successful business.

Celebrating Victory

Every breakthrough must be celebrated. It gives the drive to the staff and employees that all their hard work is paying off. Celebration gives you a good feeling and everyone in your team should relate that good feeling to success.


While the celebration is moving along, every one of the staff seemed to be excited and motivated. They were engaging the crowds, talking to them, and giving the crowd a good time. It is important to stay motivated in whatever you do.


The celebration was successfully bringing in curious crowds, which would later be potential customers in Tokyo Street. Sales opportunities are everywhere, even a celebration can be an opportunity to close more sales.

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