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You had informed your staff to gather in one of the ballrooms of a 5-star hotel in KL at 9am in the morning today. Your company was invited to attend a sales talk and everyone was getting excited. Then at 9.05 the doors were closed and an old, white haired,tall and medium-sized man slowly walks up to take the stage. He is the freelance external sales speaker. He starts speaking in a long draggy monotonous tone.

20 minutes have passed and you observed that the guys on the left are starting to check their Facebook Page on their phones, few of them at the back are starting to yawn. You wonder, did you just make a wrong choice sending them here?

Why have conference?

Most businesses nowadays are hiring more and more conference speakers. Why? It is to gather a large number of people together in a sample place to get information, get new market developments, learn new things and to network with each other.

A good sales conference speaker is…

A good sales conference speaker is one who knows how to engage the audience. The speaker must be well known for his skills in sales and have background history and life story that his audience can relate to. It is not about funny jokes or cool looking slides anymore. People are more interested to listen to something motivating and that they too feel that they can do it.

 Updated with current market. You need to find a speaker who has been in the market, studied the market and consistently be in the market. One big mistake is to get a sales conference speaker who has been out of sales and only doing consultation or training. He wouldn’t know much about the struggles sales people face today.

Stage Experience. It may not be a good idea to hire a speaker who has very little experience dealing with large crowds of people. Audience know how to detect a newbie speaker or a seasoned professional speaker.

Why Sales Ninja

If you are looking for the best sales convention speaker, then you need to engage Sales Ninja. Grandmaster Hanzo has tremendous amount of sales experience and have been number 1 for EVERY sales job that he has been. Even after starting Sales Ninja Training, he hired his own sales staff to do the majority of the company’s sales instead of hiring a training provider company to sell his modules and have successfully helped and turned around many struggling businesses till today.

Grandmaster Hanzo has lots of experience in public speaking as he has done trainings from groups of tens to mesmerizing huge crowds of 1000.  Sales is evolving so fast where sales techniques used last year may not be applicable anymore, which is why Sales Ninja’s Training modules evolve over time too.

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