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Today, Sales Ninja will be sharing on sales words to use when talking to your buyers. We are not saying that using these words will make them buy, but these words will magically hypnotize your buyers in the subconscious way. We will show you what words to use and you will be amazed by how a few simple words can entirely change a person’s perception of your product.

The “LY” Words

“LY” words are adverbs that end in -ly. The great thing about “LY” words is that they concretely describe how your prospect will achieve some goal through your service or product.

For example:

“Obviously, Mr. Prospect, you can see how using Secrets of the Sales Ninja will easily make you more money!”

There were two “LY” words in that sentence! Here is another example:

As you go through my presentation, Mr. Prospect, you will begin to naturally experience how I can easily help you dramatically improve your sales.’ That sentence had three!

How will it work on our prospect…

This might sound absolutely ridiculous to you but it ACTUALLY WOKS. What the “LY” does is, it smoothen the entire sentence and it is very hypnotic. When you pack it into the sentence, it creates a rhythm to your sentence which is pleasing to hear, unlike the way some Southern preachers address their congregations.

Subconsciously, it puts your prospect into a kind of trance where they hang on to your every word. They will later connect all these things to your product or service. The pace, rhythm and added description combine to attract people to what you are saying through how you say it. Of course, do not go overboard by using “LY” uncontrollably in your sentence. It will sound unnatural and weird.

10 Effective “LY” Words

  • Obviously
  • Clearly
  • Naturally
  • Easily
  • Certainly
  • Amazingly
  • Extremely
  • Explosively
  • Really
  • Magically

There are many words that I have not included here, have you thought of any other than these 10? Basically these words are not words that makes your buyer buy like “Buy now!” or “Get it at half price”. But, these are subtle and magical words that should be use subtly that will hypnotize your prospects. In the end, combined with other sales techniques, you will close that sale with less effort.

 2 Sentence summary…

Adding the “LY” words into your sales sentence will give your sentence a rhythm which will put your prospect in a trance. Using it too much may have a negative effect.

Do leave a comment below if you have heard of this for the first time. Sales Ninja is specialized is unconventional sales training and uses unconventional sales strategies and techniques.

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