Does This Headline Capture Your Attention?

According to John Caples, did you know that in a print ad, 75% of the buying decisions are made at the headline alone.

Which means, the headline alone can make or break your chances of a sale. Within that one short line, people generally have already made up their minds about whether your product is worth their attention.

Basically, your headlines need to generate interest. It should stimulate intense curiosity! Do not worry about explaining your product in detail in the headline, but, focus on the EMOTIONS of your consumers. You want to cater to their feelings, not necessarily their needs, in order to create interest.

10 Examples of Effective Openers

  • My boss would KILL me if he knew I was doing this…
  • Everywhere women are raving about this amazing new…
  • Do you do any of these embarrassing things?
  • Whose fault is it when…?
  • How to do wonders with a little…
  • Profits that lie hidden in your…
  • Do you have these symptoms of…?
  • 161 ways to a man’s heart – in this exciting…
  • You can laugh at money problems if you follow this easy plan.
  • How I made a fortune with a fool idea.

What do you think of these headlines? Do they capture your attention? If these headlines did, means it was effective.

I’m quite sure that you have read many articles because their headlines got your attention. Want more ideas? Head to your local newsstand, buy a magazine and skim through the advertisements. Any ones that got you interested are good. Record the advertisement down and try to adjust it to your products. Of course, if you have the desire to move up to the next level, come to Sales Ninja seminar for advanced ideas and effective strategies.

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Much of the battle is won when you manage to get a effective headline that captures attention.

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