Quarantined for Influenza H1N1 (will i be ok?)

Got down from the plane, tired, sleepy, very sick, can’t wait to see my family and can’t wait to lie down and rest from a hectic schedule in Singapore.

With an extremely high fever, running nose and severe cough i was stopped by the airport health guards for a check. The nurse did a temperature check on me and said “My, your fever is very high!” I know that, my whole body is very weak since dawn, i’m just sustaining it with mental power because of work. She then asked me to drink some water to cool down and she will come back and retest in 10 minutes.

10 minutes later i had a thermometer in my mouth. The nurse took it out and did the temperature went down? No, it went up! She called for the doctor. He sat down and did a diagnose. Coughing? Yes. Running nose? Yes. Joint pains? Yes. Weak all over. Sore throat? A little. Vomitting? Nope. Diarrhoe? Nope. They then recheck my temperature again. Same, high.

Ok dude, you are now officially a suspect of H1N1. We are going to take a sample of your saliva from the back of your mouth and send for a check. Meanwhile, stay away from family members, wear a mask (so ninja-like), don’t go into public places, wash your hands everytime you cough or sneeze and etc.

So i was quarantined at home to wait for my report.

In times like these i think it’s important to NOT complicate the situation by telling your family something like: dear, am i going to be ok? do you think this is serious? Or in the likes of anything that opens up their mind to a world of worry-land. We need to comfort them and not seek sympathy. I think it’s normal that when we are unwell, we want care. But i think we need to care to get cared for. Your sales and business maybe down. Are you seeking sympathy? Are you looking for people to tell you oh poor thing! I hope not! It begins with you!

2 days later, report is out. Came out negative. Hurray! I can touch people again.

Stay strong. Stay positive. And Stay healthy!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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