Do You Want To Be A HOT Mama?

While driving with my wife, she talked about after we have kids she would want to maintain as hot as she is now. I was in a shopping mall, in front of me was a beautiful, sexy, HOT women that i would say in her early forties. Out of no where, two kids started running towards her. I turned to my wife and said to her, “HOT Mama”! Both of us admire HOT Mamas. Take out the assumption that they come from a gene pool of slim and curvy bodies, HOT Mamas by definition are women who have kids who takes the time to take care of themselves, and that takes tremendous effort and discipline – which are admirable! That’s what my wife strives to achieve, the Hot Mama status. Not some women who have kids that isn’t attractive anymore.

It is the same with sales. Take out the equation that some people are born persuasive and talented, the group that belongs to the top of the chain takes the time to cultivate good sales practices and put in lots of effort to improve their skills – which are admirable! And that’s what every sales person out there should strive for. The top – being a Sales Ninja – the ultimate sales professional. Don’t just be a women with kids, be a Hot Mama. Don’t just be an average sales person, be a top performer. Let it be when you walk pass your colleagues, the word “Hot Mama/Sales Ninja” echoes deeply into you where people admire your aura of presence.

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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