Turning Around a Low Performing Sales Team

Every sales manager’s worse nightmare: A low-performing and demotivated team.

It’s hard enough that sales targets are not being achieved during Tough Times but even more so that it is because your very people are not doing enough or they are complacent with their work. This is most especially true if you manage a team that has a passive inbound of sales.

Any of these traits sound familiar to you?

  • Procrastinate whilst making outbound calls
  • Delaying the sales processes like submitting proposals on time
  • Pitching the clients wrongly or repetitive approach regardless what kind of customers
  • Inadequate product knowledge and skillsets
  • Demotivated at work
  • Consistently late (with lame excuses)

True, the sales person itself must have The Heart, The Passion and The Motivation to chase the sales but you who manage them must persevere even harder to keep their motivation and skills sharp and ready. But how would you do that?


Sales Ninja Shogun

One of Sales Ninja’s greatest assets is our ability to train even sales managers. Not only that, we have trained Heads of sales departments, General Managers, Country Managers and even Chief Officers!

You have absolutely no reason to not consider yourself for our training programs. Unless you think you yourself is not adequate for the challenge?

In our Sales Leadership training program, we can train you:

  • HOW to manage your team’s productivity to be in line with your targets
  • HOW to motivate your staff when times are hard
  • HOW to fix your people to have the right mindset
  • HOW to mould even the laziest staff to be productive

Our techniques in mastering the art of sales management have proven effective with a 95% success rate for any company across multiple industries. Because we know that regardless of what kind of company that is operational, many will need sales and every sales team needs to have a leader.

Do you have what it takes to be a top sales leader? Click here to find out what we really can do for you and here to sign up early to get the best seats!

Sales Ninja awaits your arrival…

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