The Amazing Power Of These Simple Sales Moves

The Amazing Power Of These Simple Sales Moves

Some people dread sales while some just love it. Some say it’s super tough where some says it’s fun.

For a sales person, closing sales is life changing. Why? The more sales he closes, the more commissions he get. With more commissions, the sales person can upgrade his house, car or clothes and have a lifestyle change.

Regardless of which sales person you are, here are some simple everyday sales moves you can use to make sales a little easier. I’ve done it before and they work wonders.

Hey Mr. Lee!

When you cold call Mr. Lee for the first time, greet his name enthusiastically, and go ” Hey, Mr. Lee!” (sounding like he’s your friend). Naturally, he will respond with a similar or friendlier tone too like “Hey! Who’s this?”. This will help when you start pitching.

Give free case studies

Most sales people make the mistake of calling the prospect over and over again asking the same old questions ” Mr. Lee, just to follow up, are you interested to try our product? It’s very good.”

Instead of doing this and annoying the prospect, call and give a new case study every time “Mr. Lee, I’m calling to follow up on product X that I mentioned earlier. One of our client came back to us saying she got amazing results in 1 week and she is coming back for more and even her friends are getting them!”

This shows that you are giving value to that phone call and not just another boring follow up which can get pretty annoying over time.

Stand and move

When you cold call, try standing up and use hand gestures. You’ll immediately notice the energy and the confidence in your pitch. Your prospects will hear that too.

Forget me not

Follow up, follow up, follow up. That’s how sales are closed.

Find out what he likes

Try to build rapport as fast as you can when you meet your prospect during your appointment. This means finding both your common interest which could be talking about a football game, same color shirt, or even talking about the same phone you both are using.

Building rapport creates an instant connection between you and your prospects.

Match and mirror

When you have a face to face meeting with your prospects, observe their posture and hand gestures and try to mirror it. If he leads forward, try leaning forward and if his arm is resting on the arm rest, follow it.

This works during conversation too. If your prospect talks gently and softly, follow his tone and if he is a loud and energetic guy, mirror that too.


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