Selling Against The Odds

Selling Against The Odds

Sometimes its seems like the odds are against you –

Your customers are not picking up your calls.
They aren’t replying your emails.
Your conversations don’t go past, “So, today I would like to share…” or “Have you heard of…”
It feels like no one is visiting your store or booth.

And worst of all, you are not hitting your sales targets! When the odds are stacked against you, what do you do? Luckily, we’ve got a few basic steps to get you going –


1. You’re new to the company
When I first started out as a salesman in an advertising company, I was new to the industry. On my first day there, I was asked to sit and read through some magazines as the boss headed out for a meeting. I sat there, flipping through the magazines for about half an hour before I grew incredibly bored. I looked around me, picked up a newspaper and settled down between a few of my new colleagues. I looked for leads in the newspaper, called them up and started pitching our advertising options. Being new, I had to ask my colleagues about the advertising jargon and specifics like prices while still on the call. When my then-boss came back, she asked me what I’d done. I replied that I’d set 3 different appointments and she replied with, “Wahhh, good ah you”, impressed by my enthusiasm. Moral of the story? Just jump right into it. There is no better way to learn than to just immerse yourself into the situation.

2. Their footprints are small & leads are scarce
There is no excuse for not hunting down leads of your own accord. It may seem like the end if all you see is your competition, already established and strong in comparison to your own product or brand. What do you do, then? Simple – get out there. Sitting in your comfort zone will get you nowhere. If people don’t know you, get yourself known. There are plenty of events that allow you to gain brand exposure. From bazaars to industry-specific expos, there are tonnes of ways to hit the market without breaking the bank on marketing. What’s better – you get to show off your product or services to people first hand, allowing them the best opportunity to interact with you. If bazaars are not the right solution, there are also networking events that cater to different business segments on top of trade shows that generally have huge followings (and their own marketing!). Through this, you can build your own sales funnel – by building awareness, creating interest, influencing decisions and then increasing actions for your product or service.

3. The assigned territory is historically known to do badly
It is not the end of the world when you know that you’re in a place that has a long history of poor sales. With the internet, tonnes of ways to bring your potentials to you. Start off by doing micro-level assessment. What are the other stores or salespeople doing that you aren’t? Could it be their marketing that is drawing attention to them? Is it the way they pitch? While the location is important, it really isn’t everything there is to a great sales pitch. If you worry about having someone to pitch to in the first place, try gorilla marketing or using your connections to get word of mouth out. Joe Girard – Guinness Book of Records record holder for most cars sold in a year – got his title selling out of a car sales dealership in a small, rather unknown town of Eastpointe, Michigan. He got people from far and wide to come to his dealership through his sales savvy and the power of word of mouth ( he didn’t have internet marketing back then!). If he could do it then with the resources and skills he had, why can’t you do it now with an upgrade in resources?

Don’t let these setbacks lower your morale. Use it as a push to do better and set new records! Keep your eyes on the prize by -

Setting your goal
Know where you want to get to. Do you want to double the quarterly sales? Do you want to set your own sales record? Do you want to increase foot traffic or brand awareness?

Understanding what you need to do to get to that goal
Break it down into smaller tasks to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed. If you are not the type to follow task lists, set weekly challenges for yourself. By creating a challenge for yourself, you will feel more motivated to get your tasks done. You will also feel more accomplished and can even reward yourself after (A good meal? A short trip? Give yourself a pat on the back!).

Remind yourself daily of your goals
It’s easy to forget why you are putting yourself through these challenges when you feel like you are at your breaking point. However, if you remind yourself of your goals – either through written notes, printed posters or as a daily alarm that you can place somewhere you are bound to see – you will find that it is easier to put yourself through the hardship.

Stay active
Be it active in your prospect search or your own personal activities, don’t stop moving. The best way to relieve stress is to take a quick stroll around the office, stretch and get your body moving. Schedule a 10-minute work out at the start or end of your day and you will feel the difference in efficiency as well as energy at work. Combined with a balanced diet and good rest, you’ll be ready to bring your A-game.


And the most important way to stay on top of your game -

Be firm.
The biggest roadblock for success is the inability to be firm with yourself. Having goals and continuously working on them requires dedication and hard work. It is easy to let yourself slip if you are not decisive and strict with yourself. There’s a reason why books like “The 5 AM Club”, supporting discipline in your everyday routine, are still around decades after publication. Hiding behind procrastination and excuses will not get you anywhere. Being firm means that you will put away the excuses in favour of accountability and solution creation. Take a chance on your decision-making skills – if things don’t work out, learn from your mistakes and try again.


While they say,

“May the odds be ever in your favour”.

We say,

“If he can do it – you can do it.
If no one has done it – you do it.”

If you want more than just the basics, or, if you want more industry-specific selling techniques, drop us a message and enquire how you can double your sales in 2020!

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