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What is Sales Ninja Shogun?

Sales Ninja Shogun is a 2-day sales leadership training program designed for leaders to get things done through others. This program uses experiential learning, instant feedback mechanism and heavy debriefings for learning. This is not a sit around, listen to lectures and take notes kind of program. We learn to be a leader by leading. That’s how this program is structured and everyone in the program must lead.

Participants will learn about their leadership character, setting high goals, vision, strategizing, maximizing resources, communication motivation and development.

This training is for sales people who:

Wants to change the mindset of their teams

Wants to learn how to boost motivation to failing members

Improve their own character as leaders to be more efficient and effective

Challenge themselves to lead their teams through the toughest times

“Since I completed the Sales Ninja course and actively apply what I have learnt from Hanzo, I have improved my sales bottom line and increased it by more than 300% in just 3 months! Thank you Hanzo sifu!”

Moonshi Mohsenruddin, Founder & CEO, CommGate Inc.

In this training, you will learn how to:

Better in managing sales team!


Be more confident!


Be more competent!


And Also

Learn how to benefit from your mistakes as well as your team’s. Turn your weakness into your strength!

How to stop negative influence to spread push your team to commit to achieving the sales target!

Improve your own strategies, management and leadership skills through our explosive techniques!

Sales Leadership and Management Training for Yeo Hiap Seng (YEOS)

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