Must have Sales changes in 2016!

Must have Sales changes in 2016!

Sales Ninja, Best Sales Training Malaysia is giving you free sales tips to fight through 2016!

2015 has been a wobbly road for most companies in Malaysia! Malaysia has been hit the worst with toll hikes, implementation of GST, low ringgit prices and countless of instability due to inconsistency.

Companies future looks bleak and cost cutting has already played a major part in budgeting. In 2015, we have endured all and honestly we need to take the time to look back at what happened in 2015 and make it a life lesson for us.

What did we learn in 2015 and how can we overcome it for 2016?

An overhaul of planning is needed to be done before entering 2016 and honestly speaking it’s going to be tough!

Find out How You Can Sell in Tough Times?

As Asia’s #1 Sales Solution, here are some solutions that you can use to gear up for 2016!


1. Setting a clear detailed goal!

Setting a clear cut distinguished goal will allow you to see the small little details of getting to the bigger picture!

For example instead of saying “I want to achieve a higher sales target” go with “I want to achieve RM1Mil in sales target next year”

By setting a distinguished goal you will be able to measure what you need to do for each month and how to achieve it, by having a STRONG, CLEAR CUT DISTINGUISHED GOAL.

2. Outsmart your competitor.

Copy and improve from what your competitors did in 2015! Do it and improve it! You might look like a copy cat but it’s much more beneficial because you are enhancing the strengths and eliminate the mistakes.

For example your competitor has been spending 10k on regular sales training for their sales staff and the result were not that promising, you realize there has been a gap and you filled it in, by sending your staff to an unconventional and pragmatic sales training with proven record.

3. Spend money for the right reasons.

When cost cutting is involved, the first thing that companies tend to do is LIMIT or CUT their budget on training. They fail to see the value in training the staffs and that is a BIG NO NO! Studies shows that setting aside a budget on training will highly likely improve their morale and increase production value.

Sending your sales staff to training might be costly and time consuming but in actual fact the return of investment for sending them to one training program can show drastic improvement.

Case study : Company A sales team has not been reaching their sales target and management is feeling the pinch, they decided to send their sales team to training to enhance their sales team, after returning from the training. The HR manager realize that they have reach their sales target improve drastically shortly after the training. This can happen to your company!

Smarter companies have been sending their staff for training allowing them to sore higher and had proceed to go further by signing up a LONG TERM because they value training. We have the solutions for you.

Are you one of those smart companies?

4. Work even harder than last year!

Of course, some companies that thrive through dark times, but that winning streak will end soon. This usually happen when upper management gets too comfortable and believed that they have beaten everyone else.

Just remember that while you are slacking off, others will be training and improving themselves to knock you off your pedestal.

In order to stay on top, you need to work twice as hard as you did last year which a number of successful businesses failed to do.

So take 2015 as learning lesson and push forward to 2016! Grow your business don’t get too comfortable! Just because you did it last year does not mean you will still succeed.

We need to equip ourselves with the ultimate weapon! We have that powerful weapon that will allow us to fight off the tough times that we will be facing.

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