How To Bring In Sales During Malaysia’s Long Weekend

September 2018 is (professionally) known as the “short” month as Malaysians can enjoy one of the best benefits of this country: multiple public holidays. From the birthday of the King, Malaysia Day and Awal Muharram (New Islamic Year), Malaysian consumers get to enjoy the occasions BUT! In B2B sales, a short month spells disaster.

Time Management

Sales Ninja always emphasizes on time management. In a short amount of time with the same resources AND an unmoving target, you must always manage your work schedule as tightly as possible and not just in terms of productivity.

Schedule your appointments properly with your clients so there are no conflicting dates, pre-set your activities for when you do return to office or if you are dealing with international clients, advise them accordingly that their working days are not the same as yours.

Pre-planned Activities

Productivity – You know your days are short so you need to plan ahead of what you will be doing in the little time you have. Set a personal target for every single day such as number of calls to be made, appointments to set up for that particular day, emails to be sent out and so forth.

Beyond The Calendar – Some clients can work beyond our Long Weekend especially international clients. Take the initiative to reach out to them even though you are still at home.

Before and After the Long Weekends

During Short Months, you should know what to do as pre-planning everything beforehand saves you any time wasted. But since its short, you should also plan ahead for the coming months. Sales never stops so in the event little sales is closed during the shorter months, you push ahead in order to close MORE during the longer months.

This, in turn, balances your shortcomings that you may face this time around.

Target Segments

In some cases, B2B sales needs to have specific clients targeted. In shorter months, your time isn’t spared in the slightest (unless you have 0 potentials). This is the best opportunity to target certain segments and clientele especially the ones whom you have already narrowed down as potential buyers!

Sales Training for Short Months

Sales Ninja specializes in training sales forces in every sector and industry on how to make use of their time especially in challenging months and slowing economies to overcome any obstacles they may face. If you find that your people face these types of challenges even during normal times, then Sales Ninja has the perfect solution for you.

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