All In – Give 100% – Must Achieve!

All In – Give 100% – Must Achieve!

I like going on holidays. Do you?

I’ve always wanted to go Hokkaido because many people have highly recommended for me to visit the place.

So, do I just buy a ticket and fly there? The answer is NO! Why? Because I’ve tied the vacation with a goal. I want to go there with sales achievements that my sales team achieves. Meaning, if they do not achieve, I do not go. I’ll only go only if they achieve. Will I get motivated to drive and lead my team to success? You bet!

Why do I mix my personal goals with professional achievement?

Simply because my team needs it. As a leader I need to do it for the team. As the boss and as I’m financially free, I can go anytime but I don’t do that. Because if the team does not achieve and I have started enjoying myself; then I am not there with them, I am not a leader that relates, I will become distant with them, and it is just not motivating… for them!

In Feb 2018, we travelled to Hokkaido together; enjoyed ourselves and I felt extremely amazing because I’ve pushed the team and myself to give it all – to give 100% and to have the mindset that we must achieve the goals that we’ve set. I’ve worked hard; put in extra hours to coach my team on their account management strategies, increased the marketing campaigns’ success rate, improved my sales operational executions, hired more people, developed sales competencies programs and most important of all, monitoring sales performance effectiveness.

So, what kind of leader are you?

Are you with the team?
Are you willing to tie your personal goals with your professional achievements?

Are you willing to be all in? To give 100%? And do you have the mindset of – must achieve the targets no matter what?

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