Sales Ninja Team Wakes Up At 6.40am For Something Crazy

Sales Ninja Team Wakes Up At 6.40am For Something Crazy

Have you done any exercise at 6.40am where everything was still pitch black and the exercises that you were made to do feels like you are in a military boot camp? That’s what the Sales Ninja Team had to go through.

It was 5.15 am when my alarm rang. I dragged myself out of bed. The challenging and crazy day had arrived where the Sales Ninja team had to go through a training exercise by MetconX at 6.40am at the USJ SS15 field opposite KFC. I’m the Marketing Shinobi in Sales Ninja and I live in Ampang where it takes me about 45 minutes to get there.


Surprisingly, everyone was there on time! The other guy, Alex ( the Sales Ninja Warrior) who lives in Cheras was there on time too at 6.40am. It was a commitment that all of us gave to reached there on time. Even the MetconX coaches where there on time. How many times have you been invited to an event where you take the extra effort to reach there on time but  the organizers and hosts are late? That did not happen here.

Warm Up Starts

Just before the actual torturing military style exercise began, there was warm up. Same thing as sales, before you are sent out to the battlefield, sales trainings and role plays are important to prepare you and warm you up for the actual sales.

Pain Starts!

This was what we had to go through for one hour:

-Skipping ropes
-Skipping ropes while jogging
-Carrying weights -Burpees
-Supporting your body weight

It sounds easy but when we have not been exercising consistently for one whole year, it feels like we were in a torture chamber. We were all sweating bullets. Everything done the first time is painful but the strong persists. Most people will give up because of pain. If you can overcome it, then you will master it and be a warrior!

Comfort Zone

Waking up at 5.15am is definitely not in my comfort zone. It is challenging to push out from my comfort zone but to grow, it is necessary. I think my colleagues feel the same too. metconx2

Grandmaster Hanzo going for MetconX the second time

Support Support Support

We were split into small groups and each of the members supported one another and gave high fives after completing a task. When you are in a group, it somehow feels like all these hard work are a little more bearable. This especially works when you had to do more than 15 burpees and when you see your other teammates doing it too, you get energized.

Celebration Time

Once it was all over, Grandmaster Hanzo treated us to breakfast and we talked and laughed about our performance during the exercise. It was fun!

Lessons Learnt from MetconX

After everything ended and as we reflect back, here is what we have learnt Commitment makes a different

-Warm up before going out to the real sales world
-Everything is hard when you do it the first time. Winners are those who persist
-Get out of your comfort zone and you will achieve greater things
-Celebrate success

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Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

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