Sales Motivational Videos

Here you will see the Top 3 Sales Motivation Videos to motivate a sales person.

Sales people deal with rejections, objections, stress, and other negative relations by clients almost everyday. Even when dialing a prospect’s phone number to call, a typical sales person will start having fear. It is hard for a sales person to continue doing well if nothing is been done to address this issue. One important way is to motivate your sales team. With motivation, your sales team will overcome and breakthrough all those mental barriers and fears of sales.

Top 3 Sales Motivation Videos – Never Give Up

Pursuit Of Happiness

Inspirational story of a father of a boy who is a sales man was kicked out of his home, forced to live in the public toilet and how he brave through the resistance and never gave up.

Men of Honor

Carl Brashear a young, brash black naval officer in training is determined to become the very first African-American scuba diver but was resisted by his trainer Master Chief Billy Sunday who wants to see him fail and quit. However, events brought them together as a team until a horrific accident happened to Carl Brashear causing him to be handicapped. But his dreams of becoming a scuba diver is still as strong and watch how he persisted.


A group of 300 Sparta men have to defend against thousands of Persian army. With the odds against them, they never gave up.


Never give up. This is a mindset that every sales person need. When you start losing motivation, your energy drops and confidence drops. Clients are good at detecting that.

It is good to motivate your sales team and pushing them up to greater limits. Fear will not do any good but will destroy the morale and confidence of your team. A negative thought can spread throughout the team causing everyone to lose motivation.

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