Gotta Catch Em’ All.

Pokemon Sales

The app that took the world by storm! Pokemon Go, since its released date on Europe, North America & Japan. The rest of the world could not wait to get its hands on it! What more the Malaysian fans!

On 6th August, SEA Pokemon lovers screamed and rejoiced as the app is made available on their App Store & Google Play Store.

What’s the craze about? Well its the simple Catching of Pokemons’ (Rare ones, Strong ones & even smaller ones). Famed for its Augmented Reality game play. Users would need to walk around in real life to catch all these imaginative critters & evolve them to ultimately fight for gym spots located all over the map. The game is further divided into 3 group, Team Valor, Mystic & Instinct – each with a background story and the ideals they believed in this Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go! is like Sales?

Here is two reason why!


In Pokemon Go, there are different type of Pokemon, some that is easily available such as Pidgey, Rattata (personally, I think there is too much of them), then there are some Pokemon that is only available at certain location, like how I caught a Growlithe around Mutiara Damansara and of course the recent hype of Snorlax available in Uptown 7! Once you catch the special ones, you’ll love them a little more, you make sure they grow & evolved to a way that will help you win battles.

In sales, its just exactly the same! You walk around and you can get a lot of cold leads, those that you just keep and talk to just in case they be interested. The warm or hot leads are much more difficult to find and obviously take more time to harness and grow, but once you managed to secure that warm or hot leads you are pretty much set.  So ultimately you need the right skills to be able to spot a HOT prospect from a mile a way that will help you increase that sales target.


Here’s the funny thing about Pokemon Go, while turning on the PokeStops to get the Pokeballs to catch the Pokemon. You might also get an egg or two with different range i.e 2KM, 5KM & 10KM. That means for every kilometer you managed to reach you will hatch a Pokemon! The longer the distance the changes of getting a rare Pokemon increased. So If you want a highly skilled Pokemon, you need to be able to walk it out to achieve it. Hard work and determination!

Similarly, In Sales that’s what happen too! You have a pool of cold prospects and the more you follow up with them the more likely they will want to engaged with you. You need to be hard working – if you are lazy, you will of course yield the most lousiest results like how every 2KM egg you hatched you will normally get a Rattata! So be as hard working in following up with your prospects as opposed to just letting them sit at a corner to rot.

So while you are out catching Pokemon! Have the same determination & Spirit to catch that prospect as well.

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