It Was Easy To Steal – Haha!

Was at Jusco with my wife and her brother. She was choosing some apples when I had a thought of trying out a routine of pick-pockets. So I sneaked behind her and slowly unzip her handbag. She moved a little but was undetected. Second launch – I plant my hand into her handbag to seize her handphone. I then tapped her shoulder, she turned around and right in front of her was me standing there holding her handphone with a cheeky smile.

I think this situation relates a lot to 1: guarding our customers and 2: competitors will sneak up to steal our customers. You think you know your customers well, you believe you have a strong relationship, but ultimately there is always someone out there doing their best to sneak in and snatch away our best customers. So guard them well. Visit them more often. Bring more value and ideas to them. Improve on your products and services. Will that protect our customers? Yes and No. But at least we have done our part.

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