Four Points Sheraton’s Personalized Greetings!

Four Points Sheraton’s Personalized Greetings!

This is what I see when I walk into my room at Four Points Sheraton:

Initially I thought to myself, “hey this is nice”. But when I look closer I see some typo error. So I called guest services and told them they got my gender wrong. The next day?

I think it’s nice to have this personalized greetings. It makes me feel welcomed. It also shows they took the time to make their customers special, that’s good customer service. But it’s also important we don’t miss the details. That said, it was rectified quickly, so well done.

3 thoughts on “Four Points Sheraton’s Personalized Greetings!

  1. No, I thought I saw something like this (Ms. Ng, Hanzo) in one of your much earlier post? Btw, remember to call me when you are in Penang next time ya? šŸ˜‰

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