Leadership Of A Middle Eastern Family Man!

Disclaimer: this post has no intention to discriminate against women or the middle eastern community.
It’s an observation of the author of what actually happened. Based on a true situation…

Went shopping in Sunway Pyramid with my wife. As I was waiting for my wife while she is browsing through some clothing’s I saw a very energetic kid running around almost out of control. He was screaming and yelling and just plain annoying. He then jumped on some metal bar outside of an optical shop and kept jumping on it up and down and then I heard a ‘crack’ sound as if the screw just popped out of the wall, which I think it did. The mum dashes towards his son and pulls him away from the metal bar, looked point blank walking uncommonly fast away from the shop ignoring the situation knowing something was wrong. From the look of the mother’s face she was like a fugitive on the lookout for cops knowing a crime has been committed and has to do their best to flee the scene.

While the fugitive is on the run, a middle eastern man, who is unquestionably the father of the son and husband of the women, calmly walks into the shop asking for the manager. The manager came out and after speaking briefly the middle eastern man walks out the shop with the manager following behind and started to point towards the metal bar. I can’t really hear what they are saying, but obviously he took responsibility of the situation because he’s accountable for his son’s action. How many of us really live by the true accountability and responsibility duty of being leader?

As a leader, what should we do when management questions our staffs’ action? Do we hide the fact from the management like the lady did? Do we blame our staff for their misbehaviours? Do we make excuses that the metal bar was lousy and thus can break easily so it’s not the kid’s fault? Or do we as sales leaders take responsibility and be accountable for their actions because we did not monitor their actions and because we did not train and coach them enough to behave properly?

As a sales leader, I always recommend my clients to focus on 3 things: ensure their staffs do what they are supposed to do, develop them through training, coaching and mentoring, lastly consistently motivate them to perform. Want to become a better sales manager and leader? Join in my 2 days sales management training called SALES NINJA SHOGUN:  https://salesninja.asia/events/public-sales-training/ and I’ll share with you my proven and practical strategies on how to build a solid sales team focusing on 7 critical areas. Only 11 seats left. See you there.

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