The WORST Sales Leaders Ever

Before you jump on the bash wagon, there is a difference between being a bad leader, a bad manager and a bad boss. Today, we will only discuss about bad sales leaders.

It is the job of the sales leaders to handle the sales teams and motivate them to do better. To guide and teach them new sales techniques to sell more. But that are the traits of a good sales leader, what about a bad one?

Traits and Values

Although everyone has quirks, the below traits are arguably the worst to have:

  1. Micromanagement
  • Micromanagement is the worse thing you could do for your team. It is not productive for you nor your subordinates. It can also potentially waste your time because instead of chasing sales, you focus on small digits your teams aren’t
  1. Believe in I, not We
  • Meaning that you are lost in your own utopia of sales. You are a sales leader, not the sales executive itself to just care about your own target. If the team achieves targets, you tend to take all the credit but when they don’t; you lash out at them and look for faults.
  1. Nit-pick on Faults
  • Every time someone is slacking even a little bit, you would either focus solely on that fault as if that is the ONLY reason they are failing, or you would purposely find faults out of dissatisfaction even if there is none.
  1. No Reward System
  • Literally, not rewarding your sales team for a big breakthrough. You don’t have to reward them for every sale they make but closing a big deal occasionally needs at least 1 recognition. Bad sales leaders don’t do even this.
  1. Threats & Warnings
  • This is, hands down, the worst trait to have. You do not motivate, do not reward and do not guide. Instead, you warn them of the repercussions if they do not perform and you give expulsion threats if they do not achieve their targets.
  1. Practice Favoritism
  • This trait divides your sales team and make them despise each other as much as they would despise you. You favor one sales exec and give that person the good leads while expecting the rest to achieve with bad leads. Even if you achieve the team target, your sales team will be divided and begin to talk behind each other’s backs.

The above is poisonous for not only your people but also yourself. You would receive a bad reputation amongst everyone even if you achieve results at which point, money won’t be worth it anymore. Even future employers would doubt you over your methods. NEVER practice the above and if you see anyone doing them, advise them to avoid it.

Sales leadership Training

Just because one may be a bad sales leader, it does not mean they cannot change. Even if you are just starting as a manager, having been under a bad leader may influence your decision making. There are many methods and practices you can do to be a good leader, but the most effective way would be through leadership training!

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