How to Unite The Team Like A Warlord

The greatest asset of any organization: a strong and motivated team! But what makes a strong team? What keeps them motivated and what keeps them from going astray?

The answer is LEADERSHIP!

A strong but firm leadership is what keeps a good team running and united through the coming storms. However, many confuse leadership with management as if they are one of the same. It is not.

Because of this, many managers and leaders would struggle on leading a team to success and is often disliked by their underlings and peers.

Determining Your Style Of Leadership

Depending on the company culture, some prefer a “fun” and outgoing style of leadership while others are firmer and more disciplined. It all falls on which style you prefer but since this is the age of millennials, there is a rising popularity or trend that leaders are more outgoing and fun instead of the old-school style of black and white.

This factor comes from a massive rise of start-ups, SMEs and even larger corporations adjusting to the new and upcoming workforce out of college.

Measurement Of Success

In the past, money would be the sole reason for many to be motivated. Because every sales person knows that money is what buys happiness but these days, money is no longer the only factor. Work-life balance, positivity, being stress free, spending more time with friends and loved ones are the new factors at work.

For some, this is seen as a sign of laziness or lack of discipline. But if you observe carefully, when they are given a window of opportunities and given a time frame to complete a task, the result can be very efficient especially when you can entrust them with the job.

Non-Work-Related Activities

No one wants to work all day and not de-stress themselves every now and then, even with all the financial benefits that follows. To keep your team working for the same cause, you would have to occupy them with non-working activities. Team building or a company outing to nearby places where your teams can chat and relax would give a very positive boost to your people’s well-being as well as a positive outlook on yourself as their leader.

Team unity creates a bond between co-workers and leaders. The stronger the bond, the easier they work together for a common goal.

Company Goals & Visions

Many people forget about the company vision and goals as they do their daily work especially for sales. In the sales line, we are more focused on the sales and the cash flow that can be generated and forget the bigger picture.

Remind your people about why they are here to not just make more money but to make the company grow and push forward into a successful future.

Sales Ninja Unity

In the olden days, a warlord would be tough, disciplined and constantly on the watch of the people following them. Sales Ninja can offer a glimpse of what unity truly means and how working together for a common goal benefits more than personal gain.

You do not have to be a Shogun or a Warlord or a General to inspire people to follow you. All you need is the right program to get to know your people and to get them working together for the greater good.

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