How to Sell to Oil And Gas Companies

How to Sell to Oil And Gas Companies

Oil, gas and energy all have unlimited sales potential, but it depends on what you are selling and who you are selling it to. Some companies sell fault-tolerant control system, turbo-machinery control products or automation control software. While others sell services such as valves, pumps, processing software and instrumentation..

Similarly, selling to oil & gas companies uses project selling techniques. Companies like Exxon Mobil and Petronas buy in massive quantities and sustain a very long relationship with their suppliers (until someone else comes along and offers something better).

Rapport Building

We have said this once and we will keep repeating it like mantra: rapport and relationship building is key! You are not the only logistics or engineering company that creates and sells products to these energy giants, so you need to do everything possible to make your mark unto your clients.

Do your research before you make the 1st call to any client. Analyse their profile and understand their needs so your products/solutions will be perfect for them.

Cross-Selling and Consult

In this line of business, you cannot approach your clients as a seller or a manufacturer. You need to show them that you have their best interest at heart and a viable upgrade for your current operations.

Always remember to CROSS-SELL any products and services you have and offer it in a way that would help your client’s business more than your own. In your client’s eyes, you are the solution to every problem.

Timing Is Everything

Closing a project deal of this size can take a very long time because of multiple layers of decision makers, end-users, quantity and approval to finance. You need to carefully plan out your approach and when to do everything from calling, meeting for appointments, delivery of service etc.

Since your clients are paying, you need to adjust your schedule accordingly to theirs. Even if it means going the extra mile and meeting up with them during a weekend appointment.

Keep Potentials in Reserve

While you have one very hot lead, you also need to do proper follow ups with your other potentials. Sales is a non-stop game where the grand prize is continuously up for grabs and your potentials will help you get there.

It is also a staunch reminder that after you close the sale or lose a current one, you have other pipelines to refer to as your backup plan. Failure to secure these will show you are not competent enough to chase for more projects.

Customer Service Before & After Sales

Before or after closing the sale, your customer service skills must always be up and running. Remember, your clients chose YOU over your competitors and thus you need to be on the dot to servicing them.

Any questions your clients have or any clarification they may need that your team may not know falls unto you. You are the face of your company and your clients will remember you for it.

Sales Training for Oil & Gas

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